Morning After

05 Mar

March 4, 1939

Erskine Johnson
Behind the Makeup
Los Angeles Examiner

Morning after the Academy Awards banquet, Donald Crisp sent a telegram to Errol Flynn, vacationing in the South. “Dear Errol,” it read. “Last night the Academy Awards banquet was held. Your name was not mentioned.”

Deplorable that Flynn was not even nominated for his immortal portrayal of Robin Hood.

The nominees were:

Spencer Tracy, for Boys Town

Charles Boyer, for Algiers

James Cagney, for Angels with Dirty Faces

Robert Donat, for The Citadel

Leslie Howard, for Pygmalion

And the winner was:

Spencer Tracy, for Boys Town…

Proper Evaluations of Flynn’s Greatness

The model of an action hero in 1938’s The Adventures of Robin Hood, the dashing star made the swordplay and wooing look so effortless that it’s easy to ignore the craft behind his derring-do. – Entertainment Weekly


He was the Tom Cruise of the 1930s, a global superstar whose natural charisma and box-office power put him at the tippytop of Hollywood — and he never won an Oscar. Unlike Cruise, Flynn was never even nominated, not for “Captain Blood,” “The Charge of the Light Brigade” or 1938’s still-dazzling “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” – Boston Herald


Unfortunately, at the time when Errol enjoyed his greatest success, the adventure film, as a genre, was not sufficiently appreciated and therefore [Errol’s] appearances therein were not as highly regarded as they [are now.] … [He] played his roles with unmatchable verve, conviction, and style. In doing so, he inherited the mantle of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., who was my favorite film star at the age of 9 and whose ‘The Black Pirate’ left an indelible impression on me. No one since Errol has worn that mantle; it is buried with him. – Lady Marian Fitzwater


— Tim


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  1. Ralph Schiller

    March 6, 2020 at 9:30 pm

    Thanks Tim but either way that was pretty stiff acting competition for the Oscar. Tracy won the previous year for Captain’s Courageous! Ralph Schiller