My Wicked Wicked Ways — The Legend of Errol Flynn

20 May…

— Tim


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  1. Jack Marino

    May 22, 2018 at 9:36 am

    I have an interesting experience with this film. First, I want to say this was the very frist film ever done about Errol Flynn and I felt Duncan did a hell of a job in his protrayal of Errol, which to capture Errol Flynn as an actor is almost an impossiblity. However, I was impressed with his look and manerisms, he did the best with what he had, even with the mustache in BLOOD. The film wasn’t the greatest written script but then again how can you capture Errol’s own words from My Wicked Wicked Ways and stuff them into a two hour teleplay. It was a great effort all around and I recently watched it on you tube and I liked it even more then the first time. GOOD JOB DUNCAN!!

    One night around 3 am I got out of work in one of the many post-production video duplication houses I worked in here in Hollywood. I worked on Hollywood Blvd and since it was that early in the morning and I was wide away, I always drove down sunset to Laurel Cyn up to Mulholland and go by Flynn’s on the way home.

    That night I was driving down Hollywood Blvd and at the Chinese theater, there was this HUGE BANNER and It read, CAPTAIN BLOOD, I couldn’t believe it and I had no idea what was going on, except someone was shooting a movie about the Premire of Captain Blood. I pulled over and parked my car and ran over to where all the extra’s were and asked a few questions. I slowly worked my way up to where the camera crew was. I couldn’t believe that someone was making a film on Errol Flynn. They had all the customes correct and I wasn’t to far from actress Lee Purcell, who at the time I did’t know her, today we are very good friends and she was on my radio show.

    That night I wanted to asked a million questions and if I did I’d would have been thrown off the set. So I was quiet and took every detail in. I saw Duncan walk up the red carpet where he was grabbed by all the female fans. I was right there and you can see the scene in the film. You can’t see me, I made sure that no one would talk to me and asked who I was and what I was doing. I’ve been on enough movie sets to be invisible to the crew who are there to keep lookie-loos off the set.

    I eventually got to talk to someone about this film and if it was a movie or for television. I was really excitied and upset since I didn’t read anything about this film being produced or I would have tried to get some work on the film even as an extra, if I could.

    Buster Wiles told me about the film, he thought it wasn’t that good and that the character of ‘Billy’ that died on the film “Boots” was suppose to be him, but they had to kill off the character Billy to prevent Buster from suing the production. He wasn’t too happy about the production and and neither was Tony Thomas. Tony told me once that the film ‘FLYNN’ with Guy Pierce was ‘DREADFUL’. Tony always said that there isn’t anyone who could capture the look, the charm the essence that was Errol Flynn. Tony spent many a night in Jamaica drinking with Errol at the Tichfield Hotel and here in Los Angeles.

    Since I am an indie low budget filmmaker, I thought that the film was a good effort and if you can pull off a good effort on a film, you’ve done well as a filmmaker.

    Kudos goes to Gentleman Tim for posting the entire film on the EFB

    • Gentleman Tim

      May 23, 2018 at 1:39 am

      That is AWESOME, Jack!!! Everytime I think if Captain Blood, I will now think of you. You were at the World Premier redux!! So Bloody Cool!!!

      Btw, I’m with you and Ralph. Duncan Regehr gave a great performance, and the film was terrific TV. Not perfectly accurate by any means, and, as you say, no one can play Flynn perfectly, but great television nonetheless, with Duncan Regehr shining brightest among others. Period clothes and settings excellent, also.…


  2. rswilltell

    May 22, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    Thanks to Jack Marino for his inside peek at the making of this under-rated film. I agree with his review and was pleasantly surprised when I first saw it. Ralph Schiller

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