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Up To 140 Minutes Running Time

17 Feb

That’s if you believe YouTube. I have not done it before but films are made available on the black market before they are released for real and not in very good quality. If this is for real and it could be, there is very little info about this film. I would think that if there is at least a rough cut of it there should be more about it on the net but no. I advise Luke and company to check this out just in case.

— twinarchers


Mail Bag! Schooner Zaca Painting by Dan Gilmore!

16 Feb

Received a nice email from “Schooner4” (award winning artist Dan Gilmore) about his painting of the Zaca with some fisherman nearby available right now for bids on eBay. Wow! It is beautiful work …

Thanks, Dan!

— David DeWitt


Skiin’ Like Flynn

15 Feb

Enjoy the Winter Games with Errol

— Gentleman Tim


A 180 for Flynn

14 Feb

A timely tribute to The Great Flynn – for his world record winter sport performance in Switzerland, circa 1950.

“The Cresta is effectively an ice slide carved into the snow, 1,200 metres long, it winds its way from above the ‘Leaning Tower’ in St. Moritz down a steep gully through ten testing corners, past the tiny hamlet of Cresta, to the village of Celerina. Unlike bobsledding, members ride on single sleds, head first, hurtling down the slopes at speeds reaching up to 130 kilometres per hour, steering and breaking only with their feet.”

“There is only one way for a man to keep from zinging down Cresta out of control; by the simple but strenuous method of pressing his toe rakes ever harder against the ice.  If a man has enormously strong legs, he can press hard enough to bring the wagon to a full halt on the course.”

“Errol Flynn, it turned out, had precisely such strong legs.”

Reports vary, but it is said Flynn came to a full stop midway down the course, lit a cigarette, met a beautiful beautiful woman, swigged some champagne, and finished his run with the world record slowest time ever recorded – 180 seconds. … Then left in a Rolls, never to return.

— Gentleman Tim


Any Port in a Story?

13 Feb

Great story, but did Errol ever really visit Port Adelaide, as he says he did in Beams End?

Flynn liked inns: Errol Flynn in Port Adelaide

Or was he Fibbin’ Like Flynn?…

How it looked in the Twenties:

— Gentleman Tim


TT Flynn

10 Feb

Do you all know about the book about TT Flynn it is a great read. It tells you a lot about TT walking home not in a straight line and how he was very close with a fair few ladies around Hobart. I wonder where his son got it from. The only thing was Errol was very mischievous to go with it.Love Genene.

— tassie devil


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‘It’s been incredible fun!’

10 Feb…

— twinarchers


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A Flynn-Related Quiz

10 Feb

What’s the two biggest things these two fellows had in common? Aside from:

· They both had Irish blood.

· They were both friendly with FDR & Eleanor.

· They were both on the cover of Time Magazine.

— Gentleman Tim


The Mayor of Townsville

09 Feb

from In Like Flynn…

— Gentleman Tim


Chi era lei?

08 Feb

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— Gentleman Tim