Another Robin in the Hood

09 Dec

In Errol’s Old Hood – Beverly Hills Hood.

“If swashbuckler Errol Flynn were alive today, I think he’d stand up and applaud “The Heart of Robin Hood”, a delightfully quirky new version of the Robin Hood legend that has been entertaining audiences since the 14th century.”…

“The staging is enthralling, with inventive Sherwood Forest décor, a charming mix of period and non-period costumes, entrances made down a steep, well-used carpeted slope, doors and balconies popping out of the hills, with 17 actors (some playing multiple roles) and five musicians tumbling all over the sets, clever lighting effects, and a stage floor that opens up a well into which two, three— oh, now I’ve lost count — characters either are pushed or jump.”

“Every time there’s the opportunity for a little slapstick, a somersault, some saucy repartée, a swing on the ropes or a sword fight, the advantage is not missed. It’s a busy, frenetic, energetic, Errol Flynn-worthy, visually appealing adventure.”

“The Heart of Robin Hood”: A swashbuckling romance for people’s justice

— Tim

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  1. zacal

    December 9, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    Wow, that sounds really imaginative. The pictures indicate they got the feel right. It’s funny how well Errol Flynn fit that role. Even his name has the same amount of syllables. HIs screen version became the Mt. Rushmore of Robin Hood movies. I firmly believe it’s because of Errol’s training in Shakespeare. He’s made those speeches before. I do wish they’d made the announced sequel. Imagine if Errol had decided to play Robin Hood again instead of William Tell?(It is a public domain character, after all.) He’d have gotten the funding he needed. He wore a Robin Hood-like costume (brown leather and green) in 1939’s “The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex” and just looked incredible. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a Robin Hood movie. He also made references to being Robin Hood (including escorting his daughter’s horse like Robin escorting Marian) in the modern day comedy “Never Say Goodbye”.(1946) When I see him in that I wish that had been the year they finally made the promised sequel “Robin of Locksley”.