What Two TV Stars …


… appeared in a successful TV series together and… also, separately, had screen appearances in some Errol Flynn films: one of them twice, and the other 6 times (though actually there were 7 only this actor’s scenes were deleted).


One began film career in 1916; the other had a diverse job career: ranch hand, a deputy sheriff, photo salesman, and a singer in night clubs before beginning a film career.

One appeared in over 100s film in the course of his career; the other more than 50.

One worked with Hitchcock, the other with Bogie 8 times.

In the 50s one appeared in a seminal Sci Fi film that led to a number of “sequels”, the other appeared in a landmark teen film.

One’s final film appearance was with a bombshell of the 60s. The other a fondness for flowers and grapes in this actor’s later life.

That’s a start…

Quiz By Karl Holmberg.

— David DeWitt

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