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And Don’t Forget About That Jack Sparrow Bugger Who Stole All Our Rum!

22 Sep

— twinarchers


I Ordered My Steak Medium You Dog!

22 Sep

I seem to get into these moods when drinking local ale.

— twinarchers


Mail Bag! Lili Damita & Friend!

19 Sep

Our esteemed friend and Flynnophile Karl Holmberg sends us this from t the wilds of the Internet:

Polly want a … Parrot?


From the Samuel Goldwyn production “The Rescue” … 1929, directed by Herbert Brenon. Stars Ronald Coleman and Lily Damita in her first American film. Santa Cruz Island.

Special Thanks, Karl!


— David DeWitt


In should`ve been Flynn 10

19 Sep

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

here is another monumental movie that Errol didn`t get his armour on for.

Based loosely on the novel “The Talisman” by Sir Walter Scott, Warner Bros. clearly wanted to jump on the Ivanhoe bandwagon with this vehicle. The tableround was decked, but Flynn was kept in check. He played “The dark Avenger” in England instead and narrowly missed appearing in one of “The fifty worst films of all time”:…

His probaly was the role of Sir Kenneth of Huntington, a noble scotsman, siding with King Richard the Lionheart in the 3rd Crusade against the Saracens. The chivalric love interest would`ve been Virginia Mayo, while the musical score was composed by flynntimate Max Steiner and errolpal Otto (von) Reichow makes an uncredited appearance as Austrian soldier.

Brush up your Germlish, Laddies and Gentlewomen, for here it is in its entire cinemascopic splendor:


— shangheinz


An Eighty Years Ago Quiz

18 Sep

In September of 1936. it was reported that, during his days in New Guinea, Errol had hunted and sold snakes for a widely-heralded herpetologist.

Who was this famous man?


1) He was a preeminent pioneer in his field.

2) He was also a celebrated author and public speaker.

3) He had a very close association with The Bronx Zoo.

4) Here are two photos of him, one in his early expedition era, the second taken approximately at the time Errol was reportedly capturing snakes for him:



— Gentleman Tim


Greenacres was the Place to Be

16 Sep

For Errol and a Rogue’s Gallery…

Up for Auction, but Time’s Running Out



— Gentleman Tim


Stuntmen, stand-ins and stooges V

15 Sep


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

with the long summer almost gone, I feel it`s time for a fall full of Flynnanigans.

One man that took a fall for Errol time and time again was Don Turner. He also doubled for Ronald Reagan, Gary Cooper and most of all George Brent. Having a special stock company contract at Warner Bros., he stood out for putting safety first when the gross majority of gutsy fall guys were out to prove their stuntmanlyhood with reckless behaviour. Taking it extra easy he retired at the height of his career to run a ranch with his wife in the Elysian Valley. Flynn`s “house business manager” eventually took over this role as you can read here:…
Don Turner came back from retirement to double none other than daredevilish- do it yourself action actor Burt Lancaster in “The flame and the arrow”, the film that actually can be viewed as the blueprint for Errol Flynn`s sadly missed “Wilhelm Tell”.


— shangheinz


Ahead of His Time

13 Sep

Errol was always ahead of his time. In this case, eighty (80) years so.

If not for his allegedly annoying moustache and smile, the movie may well have been his in ’36!…



— Gentleman Tim


A Hell of a Lot of Fun

13 Sep

I enjoyed all three-and-a-half minutes of it!


— Gentleman Tim


Indian Fibber?

12 Sep

Bald (Eagle) Lies?

Back in July I read several fascinating articles/obituaries including references to professed associations of a prominent recently-deceased Native American to Errol. I was tempted to the post the articles but could not verify the “stunt double” claim. Additionally, there was an obviously erroneous claim that this “Lakota chief” appeared with Errol in the movie “Flaming Arrow”.

As it turns out, per the last link below, someone was apparently speaking with forked tongue!………


— Gentleman Tim

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