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Errol’s Favorite Eyes — Flynn Pokes Warner Bros. Right in Their Oligarchic Orbs

21 Jul

A 10-part Quiz, Featuring the Eyes of 10 HollywOOd Legends.

Clue No. 1 – They were all 10’s.











Anyone recognize these eyes!?!

— Gentleman Tim


The errolist of books

20 Jul


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Errol had high hopes as a writer, but he was an avid reader in the first place. Books had a great influence on his aspirations of life. Travelogues for example led him to exotic far away places.

Shelley Winters admitted in her biography SHIRLEY to have borrowed (for life) a first edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald`s “The great Gatsby” off the bookshelf at Mullholland Farm.

Which other oeuvres do we know of that they were read by our Hollywood hero?

Please post them with the source of your knowledge down below.


— shangheinz



19 Jul


— LA Evening Herald Express – December 22, 1939

“Police and humane society officers, as well as Tailwagger Foundation officials, today were investigating the latest case of “dognapping” in Hollywood.

Latest victim of the racket that has spread so widely in the film colony recently is Arno, a German Schnauzer belonging to Errol Flynn, film star.

Arno was lured into a black sedan just outside the gates of the Warner Bros. Burbank studio yesterday. Eldon Crowninshield, an electrician, saw the dog, which is well known on the movie lot, enter the car, but thought nothing of it until Flynn reported to studio police that his dog was missing.”


— Gentleman Tim


Don’t Go Greyhounds!!

16 Jul

Errol was no Boy Scout, but he did once trek hills and canyons north of Los Angeles with them:

From the Los Angeles Evening Herald Express, reported exactly seventy-eight years ago this weekend, July 17, 1939:

“Leading a band of Boy Scouts and neighborhood youngsters, Errol Flynn is combing the canyons and hills between Sunland and Roscoe in an effort to locate his two prize greyhounds which disappeared from the home of Jim Fleming, his standin, last Wednesday night.

The dogs, valued at $250 each, were a gift from dentist Al Blissing, of Dodge City, Kansas, and were left in Fleming’s care while Flynn spent several days on his boat. Last Wednesday evening, Fleming tied the pets to an iron woodfire bucket in the patio of his home.

Shortly after dinner, Fleming went to take the dogs for a stroll. They were gone – and so was the bucket. Fleming sent word to Flynn, who started the search, rounding up all available youngsters, on Thursday. He fears the dogs might have become entangled with their leaches and the bucket and may be helplessly suffering, perhaps dying in some lonely part of the canyon and hills.”

Jimmy Starr, LA Evening Herald Express

I’m not 100% certain, but this may well have had Errol leading this troop of kids through Verduga and/or La Tuna Canyon terrain, some of which is depicted below. That’s must have been quite a merry and memorable experience for that band of kids – hiking through the hills with Robin Hood!


— Gentleman Tim


Go Greyhounds!

16 Jul


Per Hedy’s autobiographical account of Errol’s Flynnomenal parties up at The Farm:


— Gentleman Tim


In should`ve been Flynn 9

16 Jul


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

here`s another movie that narrowly escaped Errol. Playing Wild Bill Cody shwcould have been another feather in the cowboy hat of famous personalities donned by our Hollywood hero.

The main role instead went to Joel McCrea, who as an actor can be seen as some sort of antagonist to Flynn. A free spirit by heart this journeyman starred successfully in films for various studios, thrived on Westerns and got dusty rich in the process. All things that escaped Errol Flynn also.


— shangheinz


Jack Marino’s Homage to the Fabulous Flynn!

14 Jul

Jack Marino got ahold of me today to let me know his homage to Errol Flynn’s Mulolland Farm house continues with the addition of a replica of the bookshelf above which hung one of Gaugan’s paintings in Errol’s living-room. Jack had the bookshelf hand made from the same wood as Errol’s and sits in the same position relative to all of the other furniture in the room which is intended to give the visitor the feeling you are in Flynn’s livingroom. He stresses that the room is smaller than Errol’s by ten feet all around but there are enough similarities to create the feeling he is looking for … And he succeeds!

There is more to do, he says, but he’s in no hurry.

Thanks for the update, and sharing your fabulous tribute to the old rascal, Errol Flynn, with the rest of us!





— David DeWitt

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Thank You, PressHarbor!

13 Jul


John keegan, Founder of PressHarbor, our hosting providers for The Errol Flynn Blog for the last 9 years tells us there is a major upgrade to his platform going on and as a long time user of his services I’d like to take a moment to thank him personally for the excellence of his support team, fast response time, and detailed communication. There have been times when in an effort to improve things I have actually shut down the blog! Talk me off the cliff! I implored. And very soon John had pinpointed the conflict and got us up and running again. To my great relief PressHarbor Support has been consistently able to quickly answer all of my questions and concerns with professionalism but also a personal touch that makes me feel part of the PressHarbor family. I look forward to many more years with John and PressHarbor.

Thanks, John!

— David DeWitt


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A Week in the Life of Flynn — 2nd & 3rd Weeks of July 1935

12 Jul




“Lili Damita’s jubilant bridegroom, Errol Flynn, will swing the sword of his ancestors in his first big film role, Captain Blood. The young Irish actor has cabled his parents in Belfast to send on the heirloom, which was presented to a forbear, Lord Terrence Flynn, by a henchman of the Duke of Monouth in 1686. By an odd coincidence, this was the same period of history dealt with in the story. The fictional Captain Blood was supposed to have been sold into slavery after the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685.”

– Harrison Carroll, Los Angeles Evening Herald Express, July 11, 1935


Errol with bended sword and necklaces

“Well, at last they have finally cast Errol Flynn as Captain Blood in that Warners epic which will undoubtedly squelch his opportunities for being Katie Hepburn’s lead in Sylvia Scarlet. Speaking of Errol, he wears around his neck on a chain a locket that holds for him a great sentimental value – consequently he never removes it. Several years ago in the jungles of New Guinea, he found a friend of his, wounded, so he carried him on his shoulders for many miles to a stream where he boated him to medical aid, but it was too late. Just before dying, his friend gave him the medal and asked him to wear it always as a keepsake.”

– Lloyd Pantages, Los Angeles Hollywood Parade, July 13, 1935



“Filmland learned for the first time today the romantic history of the diamond that Errol Flynn, dark skinned Irish actor, put upon the finger of of Lili Damita, who is now his bride.

It was five years ago that Flynn came into possession. A young adventurer, he was working as a British agent in New Guinea to help preserve peace among the native tribes. One day, he made a gold strike in the jungle.

Trekking back to civilization, Flynn sold his discovery for $10,000 in gold. He decided to leave New Guinea, but couldn’t carry his new found riches. So he put the money into rough-cut diamonds. It was one of these diamonds that the young actor, soon to play the starring role in the Warner film, Captain Blood, had made into the engagement ring his bride now wears.”

– Harrison Carroll, Los Angeles Evening Herald Express, July 19, 1935


— Gentleman Tim


Running of the Bulls

11 Jul

It’s the second week of July, time for the annual Running of the Bulls at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona. Errol can be seen in his scene with the bulls from ~ 1:00 to 1:04:15 in The Sun Also Rises YouTube video below.

From Hemingway’s Grandson:…

An Ernest Hemingway-Era Account:
Read a Hemingway-Era Account of the Running of the Bulls

A cow jumping over revelers during the cow's festival at the swcond running of the bulls at the San Fermin Festival, in Pamplona, northern Spain, Friday, July 8, 2016. Revelers from around the world arrive to Pamplona every year to take part in some of the eight days of the running of the bulls. (AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos)


— Gentleman Tim