Jack Marino’s Homage to the Fabulous Flynn!

14 Jul

Jack Marino got ahold of me today to let me know his homage to Errol Flynn’s Mulolland Farm house continues with the addition of a replica of the bookshelf above which hung one of Gaugan’s paintings in Errol’s living-room. Jack had the bookshelf hand made from the same wood as Errol’s and sits in the same position relative to all of the other furniture in the room which is intended to give the visitor the feeling you are in Flynn’s livingroom. He stresses that the room is smaller than Errol’s by ten feet all around but there are enough similarities to create the feeling he is looking for … And he succeeds!

There is more to do, he says, but he’s in no hurry.

Thanks for the update, and sharing your fabulous tribute to the old rascal, Errol Flynn, with the rest of us!





— David DeWitt

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  1. Gentleman Tim

    July 15, 2016 at 6:57 pm

    Awesome,Jack! All you need now is a zebra rug, the Gauguin, and a couple of twin housekeepers!