Dear fellow Flynn fans,

here is the Christmas week edition of THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW from 1957 with a sketch on American TV shows of that era. They called the spoof of spoofs “To tell a lie”. Oddly enough our Hollywood hero for once is the most sober of all the methadone actor participants. Don Knotts, Louis Nye, Tom Poston, Don Adams and Martha Raye pose as preposterous imposters. Lovely Rita Gam is in the mix too. She may have known Errol already from the wedding of her former roommate Grace Kelly with Prince Ranier III. the year before, where she was a bridesmaid. Now that would only have been possible if Flynn ever made it to Monaco. But this marital mistery merits a blog by itself. The search is on again. By now we are used to looking all over for him, aren`t we? (See: www.theerrolflynnblog.com…)
In this television series however he appears threefold, as “Erroly Trinity” so to speak.


— shangheinz

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