Crossing words with Maestro Musumeci


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I had the great pleasure to catch up with Maestro Renzo Musumeci Greco again. We met before, remember? www.theerrolflynnblog.com…
He was kind enough to share this snippetshot with you of a “Curly Errol” and an on location episode as told to him by his great late father, Enzo.
Our Hollywood hero the joker he was, came up with a new routine while filming “Crossed Swords” in Naples.
He sent an assistant to get him some pea sized firecrackers.
At an evening event he carried them with him and was looking to get rid of them what deemed to him as an appropriate moment.
When cocktails were served and he was surrounded by the usual bystanders, onlookers and wannabeseens, Flynn proposed a toast.
In the middle of his speech, he halted, wiggled his nose, and started picking it!
To the astonishment of everybody in the room he produced a round object… which he inspected thoroughly, before throwing it to the ground with a grand gesture.
When it exploded with a loud bang, there was quite a commotion in the crowd as one can imagine, while the perpetrating prankster was literally cracking up.
I call that stick “Grin like Flynn”.


— shangheinz

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