”NORTHERN PURSUIT” (1943) FLYNN’S final lines had audiences laughing.

Northern Pursuit (1943) In 1943 Errol Flynn was accused of statutory rape and made the front pages of not only the gossip columns but all news papers. He would be acquitted of all charges. His star status actually increased from the publicity. All 4 of his films in 1942-43 were highly successful earning over 2 million dollars per film. But, for the first time in his career his reputation became the bad boy of Hollywood and became the ‘butt of jokes’. Which was something new to him. Instead of resisting, he played along with the womanizing comments. During the filming ”NORTHERN PURSUIT”, he played a Canadian Mountie and ended the film by assuring his bride Julie Bishop that he has known many girls, but she is the only one he ever loved. Then, turning and confiding with the audience, he blurts out: ”What am I saying?” Everyone loved it. Northern_pursuit

— Kevin Wedman

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