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Errol Flynn car in Automobile Driving Museum El Segundo, California

20 Nov

I looked for Errol´s car and I found this. This photo of the Automobile Driving Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor…


— Don Jan


After Party Ghost List

20 Nov

Mulholland House

Ghost List for the After Party: A to Z

Hedy, Bev and Niv’ all are said to have said that Errol’s powerful spirit remained here after his death, or at least occasionally returned. The Hamblems and Nelsons believed so, too – along with other presences at Errol’s favorite old haunt, Mulholland Farm. Paranormal activities have abounded on the Zaca, too, it’s been said.

So, whether you believe in ghosts, or not, let’s explore the legends. Don’t be afraid of no ghosts.…. That’s the spirit.

If they exist at all, were they somehow connected to Errol, or perhaps to James Lankershim, the land’s former owner, or someone else entirely???

What are your thoughts?


Here are some things that were reported at Mulholland after Errol’s death:

Apparitions All through the House

Breaking of Glass

Cheap Perfume in Upstairs Room, and Elsewhere

Cynical Presence

Dark Presence

Doors Locked from Inside Empty Rooms

Entire House Shook When Errol Died

Errol in a Tuxedo, Celebrating New Years

Haunted Casino

Man in the Mirror

Powerful Sexual Energy

Spectral Naked Lady

Spooky Den

Top of the Stairs

Unexplainable Noises

Mulholland casino

Ghost Ship?

… Zaca, too, it’s been said

Clinking of Glasses

Errol Pacing the Deck

Laughter of Women

Dancers on Deck

Silhouettes of Partiers On Board

Sounds of Music

Uproars of Laughter

Zaca ghost

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Intriguing new images from way back. School report, debt notice

19 Nov




debt efdebt errol_exam_results-sml errol_flynn_friends_enrollmentcard_sml school ef1

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Mr. Bliss Debonair with that Unmistakable Quintessential Oomph look!

19 Nov


— Don Jan


New thrilling book! “The Ecuador Ulysses” by Roser Amills

19 Nov

Now many books have their trailer and here we bring you quite interesting shows. “The Ecuador Ulysses’ is the new novel byRoser Amills, and includes aspects never collected in a book about the exciting life of one of the great stars of Hollywood classic Errol Flynn, interpreter unforgettable films as ‘Robin Hood’(‘The Adventures of Robin Hood,’ Michael Curtiz and William Kieghley, 1938), ‘Edge of Darkness’ (‘Edge of Darkness’, Lewis Milestone, 1943) and “Objective Burma” (“Objective, Burma! ‘Raoul Walsh, 1945).

The book includes mostly Flynn stay in Palma de Mallorca, where he finished by chance due to a storm that caught him in the honeymoon trip with Patrice Wymore. There convert the Real Club Nautico de Palma in the center of operations -espectaculares orgies, forgiveness, the most diverse parties índole- over nine years until his death in 1959. The human side of the actor, with space for your cinematographic failures, fears and frustrations, alcoholism and family secrets.


There is more…………………

Errol Flynn came to Mallorca in 1950 by chance. He went to Gibraltar to celebrate their honeymoon with Patrice Wymore.

A storm surprised them in the Mediterranean. Marriage makes stops in Mallorca and Real Club Nautico de Palma in his headquarters along nine years.

1) A novel based on real events with an unprecedented argument: little known until now the general public of the Majorcan stage Errol Flynn.

Boundless globetrotters, stay in Mallorca for 10 years, from 1950 to 1959 had not been fictionalized before.

Errol left no one indifferent in Mallorca and there are many aspects of the last stage of his life to know:

a complex trail of scandals, parties, drunkenness and sympathetic extravagances Mallorca still have children and grandchildren of those treated with Flynn and other Hollywood stars on the island.

2) The secrets of Errol Flynn in the first person:
The most exciting is also the least known of Errol Flynn: discover personal details and implications on the development of his career.

Errol Flynn, through a Majorcan confident, sincerely share in this novel failure in Hollywood, your fears and frustrations, relationships, alcoholism, friendships and betrayals, their dreams, their childhood and adolescence revealing readings, hidden family secrets and contradictions.

The author gets to see an Errol Flynn of flesh able to have fun and joke even when you are playing your life plan.

3) The entertainment is assured.

The argument does not decay and no unexpected obstacles, twists of fate, amazing coincidences … that advance the plot fluently.

You go tying ropes as you advance in the novel.

10 years of passion and adventure: Errol Flynn is ruined, is abandoned by his late wife, do not get film work, he lives in Mallorca refugee in debt until they died, in 1959, in still unexplained circumstances.

4) You’ll meet other unforgettable characters well defined and documented:
Patrice Wymore, Ava Gardner, Robert Graves, George Sanders and Zsa Zsa Gabor, Tyrone Power, John Wayne, Marlene Dietrich, Aga Khan, Stephen Hawking, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco, Gina Lollobrigida, Olivia de Havilland, Beverly Aadland … Everyone has something very humane trapping.

You know little-known details about the psychology of all of them and their darkest secrets during its passage through Mallorca.

You will be thrilled, the hate or Love.

5) The true setting in Mallorca and in the 50s is one of the strengths of the novel.
The author, Mallorca, has rebuilt this stage from actual testimonies and experiences of his grandfather, Miquel, who opened a theater in Mallorca and treated with Errol Flynn between 1950 and 1959.

You feel you get into scenarios to dive.

You’ll be there: among movie stars and sailors of the 6th US Fleet, under the heavy snowfall that hit Europe in 1956, whooping international politics of the 50s and the slow recovery of the Spanish Civil War, local sophisticated drinks and Mallorca concert halls that turned the island into a paradise that attracted leading figures from the international art scene.

6) There is romance, intrigue and eroticism.
History is full of passion with several amazing love frames.

You will laugh, cry, be angry with you the characters will fight to help them overcome obstacles, you will love …

You feel close to the characters.

7) This novel is also a story of adventure and Mediterranean mysteries:

Was damn boat Errol Flynn? Few sailboats in the world are surrounded by mystery and legend over the Zaca, the last yacht Errol Flynn, and his last home.

Overcoming obstacles will teach us a great lesson of life and show us that, if you want to achieve your dreams, you must fight for them. A novel about the importance of believing in one’s dreams and the loss of innocence until the end.

After these 7 reasons, are you ready to read Ulysses Ecuador?

About the Author
Roser Amills (Algaida, 1974), Mallorca, mother of two boys, lives and works in Barcelona.
Very active in social networks, combines writing and journalism on & offline, coordinates the blog La Vanguardia “Digital Inspiration” and is a regular contributor to Catalunya Radio and worked in Onda Vasca, RNE Radio 4 and The Network, as well as The RTVE television 2 and 25TV and major publishing groups. It also manages to engage in communication and counseling, courses and workshops, recitals and, above all, to write: has test works, autobiography and poetry. This is her second novel.



— Don Jan


I think this is the Spanish version of MWWW!

19 Nov



ef vividor

— Don Jan


This is my kind of “Cirrhosis by the sea” where I live in Spain! Wondering if Errol and Niv had the same pleasure!

18 Nov

first line beach

— Don Jan



18 Nov

flynn portrait

— Don Jan


Titchfield Hotel! Grand place owned by an even grander actor!

18 Nov


— Don Jan


More stamps and other items (collection) on Errol Flynn! First 3 images are from an original complete stamp album by Clipper in Barcelona for the first release in Spain. It contains 144 stamps from the The Adventures of Robin Hood film.

18 Nov

Through research I came up with this. Sorry, quality not that great but still interesting.



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