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Stuntmen, stand-ins and stooges IV

26 Nov

jim flem

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I am not quite sure where Jim Fleming, who was a topic on this blog recently:…, fits in the stuntmen, stand-ins and stooges categories. Probably in all of the above.

In the studio he stood in for Flynn and was another of his (self proclaimed?) best friends.

Originally hired together with his first wife as house caretakers by Lili Damita, he stayed on solely with Errol after their divorce.

As Major Domus for 15 years at Mullhollands Farm, he did not only answer the phone, but also the questions of the press when needed. And according to Buster Wiles in his biography he did away with Flynn`s wine bottles. But only the full ones and to the extent of whole boxes.

Fitting in rather nicely with the Flynntourage, he was able to pull a stunt superbly. His most infamous act happened on the night of our Hollywood hero`s 32nd birthday…

Some war time remark had caused the Swede Gosta to term Fleming a “German”. Were there traces of Dr. Erben`s pro Berlin sentiments still lingering in the air? Did Suicide Freddie recall his Winter Olymic feats and impressions of 1936 when he performed in front of the Fuehrer? “Mister McEvoy, a hail is no ahoi…” Maybe something similar triggered the rowdy row.

Anyways, the Scandinavian butler was no match for the Scavenger valet, who in other accounts opened a bottle on the loaned barkeeper of Barbara Hutton in this lights out bout .

To add insult to injury, Errol once more squared off with Barb as a legal adviser to her ex- husband in the early Fifties:…

Meanwhile hawk like figure Jim Fleming had married the widow of Flynn`s painter pal, John Decker.

For forever waiting in the wings, I think we should put him in the category of “Errol Flynn`s shadows”.


— shangheinz


Crossed Swords – 1980

26 Nov
      Delusionary Oliver Tobias Fit for Deportation: Claims He’s Better Than Errol Flynn

International Errol Flynn Society Founder Challenges Him to a Duel……


— Tim



26 Nov……


— Tim


Mail Bag! Wallace Berry Remembers …

25 Nov

The Mail Bag brings a reply from Wallace Berry to a post by Gentleman Tim. See the original post

David, Pat Paterson had been on Zaca during its war service. Pat and Babe Lamerdin, Jack Geary and Eric Johnson had all been down in the So Pacific during WW2. They were the original crew that moved Zaca to Newport, and put her in the great condition she was on departure. My tie in was two fold – a Boston Blue nose schooner we owned and sailed on and being part of location/purchase of Zaca with Errol. At the time I was one of the founders of Sausalito yacht club. I was not a professional. I was still in high school.

At the time Flynn, in Newport, suggested a guest crewman spot for me to France on the upcoming trip – that was in the framework of Pat, Babe, Jack all going. My dad approved my going at the time – because of them. At the Mulholland meeting – their salary request was disputed – the next morning on the ship Pat advised I had the ship. And so it stood until departure from Santa Monica.

As to the “cabin Boy” bit – that cropped up with Nora about the time of Acapulco and lasted for about a day. The Hollywood gang had scampered off to LA and that left Bob, Bill, Vince (Hubbs man) and myself – save two or three Mexican crew hired there. We had the 17 Higgins runabout a nice little design and the 26 double ender powered with a little Grey engine. I remained aboard for a time doing light chores and spending time with the Pullen and Shoundoly families. The magazine, newspaper stuff created some reaction in my family (my Dad was KMAG in Korea, at the time) resulting in strong advice to bailout. My injury was also a cause for concern – that’s when I headed for Fort Sam Houston and Brooks hospital.

I did not return to my senior year instead did the GED while in Letterman Presidio and from there was first mate on a large motor yacht owned by the man who ran Pacific Telephone – he fired me and sent me in a direction that put me in the stock market as the youngest trader (for awhile – soon overtaken) …

Time to go, wb

Wallace, thanks so much! We are honored that you take the time to reply …

— David DeWitt


An Historic Church

24 Nov

This was an historic church in the story of Errol. Anyone know its name and the first known occasion of him being there?



The Australian Cockatoo pictured below is an allusionary clue to some of its famous former “parishioners”:


P.S. Lily was there with him during his first visit.

— Tim


Charlie Bow-Tie

24 Nov

Errol “Not Charlie Bow-Tie’ Flynn’s Aims and Aspirations as an Author.

He Began It During “Dive Bomber”, “Doodled 50,000 Words” at the Los Angeles County Courthouse, and Continued at Mulholland, Going Through the Various Working Titles of “Charlie Bow-Tie Comes to America”, “Charlie Bow-Tie Goes to Hollywood”, and “The Eye of the Stump”.

A Superb Account of It’s History Can Be Found in Tom McNulty’s “Errol Flynn: The Life and Career”.

And Here’s a Funtemporaneous Account of It’s Writing:…

Errol - Footsteps bow tie

Errol on Scooter

Errol in Bowtie Color Photo of

Great Color Photo Provided by Don Jan. Thank you, Don Jan!

— Tim


“A Knockout of a Show”

24 Nov

Gentleman Jim Still Making News:

Errol Lands Another Accolade: One of Hollywood’s All Time Greatest Boxing Films & Performances:…


Boxing - Beery Champ

boxing - kid galahad

Boxing - Rocky

Boxing - Raging Bull

— Tim


Lady Esther Presents Errol Flynn in Gentleman Jim

23 Nov

From vintage fashion to vintage cosmetics.

Almost completely forgotten today, (“The House of) Lady Esther” was one of the most popular cosmetic corporations in America during Errol’s Hollywood heydey. Here’s there story:…


And here’s the February 14, 1944, Lady Esther’s Screen Guild Players Presentation of Gentleman Jim, featuring Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith, Ward Bond and Grant Withers:

— Tim


The Flynn Connection?

21 Nov

Does anything in or about this photo fit or figure in Errol’s life? If so, how so?


— Tim


Lowdown on Showdown – Covers Through the Years

20 Nov

1946 Sheridan House, New York

Showdown first


See this “Rarest Copy of Showdown” link!…

Showdown - Autographed for Parents

Showdown Ben Johnson

1946 Invincible, Sydney

Showdown Invincible

1946 “First Australian Edition”…

Showdown 1946 Australia

1949 Dell Books

Showdown - 1949

1952 W. Foulsham, London

Showdown - 1952

1960 Cardinal, New York


1961 Consul Books

Showdown - 1961

1976 Buccaneer Books

Showdown 1976

1986 Amereon Ltd

Showdown Amereon 1986

— Tim

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