Charlie Bow-Tie

24 Nov

Errol “Not Charlie Bow-Tie’ Flynn’s Aims and Aspirations as an Author.

He Began It During “Dive Bomber”, “Doodled 50,000 Words” at the Los Angeles County Courthouse, and Continued at Mulholland, Going Through the Various Working Titles of “Charlie Bow-Tie Comes to America”, “Charlie Bow-Tie Goes to Hollywood”, and “The Eye of the Stump”.

A Superb Account of It’s History Can Be Found in Tom McNulty’s “Errol Flynn: The Life and Career”.

And Here’s a Funtemporaneous Account of It’s Writing:…

Errol - Footsteps bow tie

Errol on Scooter

Errol in Bowtie Color Photo of

Great Color Photo Provided by Don Jan. Thank you, Don Jan!

— Tim


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