More stamps and other items (collection) on Errol Flynn! First 3 images are from an original complete stamp album by Clipper in Barcelona for the first release in Spain. It contains 144 stamps from the The Adventures of Robin Hood film.

18 Nov

Through research I came up with this. Sorry, quality not that great but still interesting.



$_12 (3) $_12 (2) $_12 (1)    $_12       nig0004co9-am-cinema        sen0004-hollywood9men   kar0107early9hollywood

— Don Jan


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  1. Penny Lane

    November 19, 2015 at 8:33 am

    The first pictures are not from a stamp album, they’re collector’s cards. I remember reading a post about Flynn stamps on this blog but can’t seem to find it anymore, what a pity. I remember it had some really interesting information and background knowledge, too, not just pictures.