Finding Irene

Who really was Irina-Pacifica (“Princess Irene”) Ghika??

Was she part of the royal family of Ghika? Driven out of Rumania by the Russians after WWII? A Parisian fashion model/mannequin? And whatever happened to her? Is she still living? If so, where? After their time together, did she ever publicly speak of her time with Errol? Was/is she related to the Blessed Vladimir Ghika, recently beatified by Pope Francis? (He died in a Soviet prison in 1954 as a result of “bestial” torture for the “high treason” of being Catholic.)

(This may be a mystery and mission for EuroHeinz, the Errol Enigma Hunter.)

Irene Ghika crest

Irene Ghika with Book……

Erro, Irene and Snails

Errol and Irene

Irene and Errol on Train

— Tim

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