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Looks Like Lili may have been On a Big Time Rebound When She Hooked Up with Errol!

14 May

Well, well. Another twist in the anything-but-Liliputian life of Lili Damita. Turns out she may have been dumped by a notable Englisman/Australian for a German Baroness not long before she met Errol – or possibly she did the dumping?

Lili appears to have been on the rebound when she met Errol! She was previously engaged or at least pre-engaged to marry a rather notable Englishman/Australian, Hugo Brassey, with very strong and high level connections Down Under – he was the grandson of the govenour of Victoria, Thomas Brassey and his then very well-known author-wife, Annie Brassey, as well as the nephew of His Excellency of New South Wales. Brassey appears to left Lili in 1935 and married a German baroness, Baroness von Bodenhausen related to the Queen of England. (The Baroness may have also been possibly related to the 19th Century painter, Baron von Bodenhausen, but I haven’t confirmed that.)……

In the same timeframe, Hugo Brassey became a key figure in the development of Dunk Island, a notable Great Barrier Reef resort location, frequented by many VIPs and celebrities over the years, including Sean Connery:…

Interestingly, the Brasseys have a strong official Northhampton connection, too.

I wonder what all those Brasseys thought when the brash and brassey Errol Flynn – with a quite unique and controversial reputation in both New South Wales AND Northhampton – married Hugo’s ex-fiancee!?

Lord Brassey Entertains King Kalakaui. He apparently almost became Lili’s grandfather-in-law.


Stunningly Beautiful Dunk Island, where Lili’s ex took his baroness bride. Wonder what Tiger Lil’ thought of that.


— Gentleman Tim


Hollywood’s Happiest Couple

14 May

Q & A with Mr. & Mrs. Flynn:…



— Gentleman Tim


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Mailbag! Bonny Cother!

13 May

The Errol Flynn Mailbag had this from Bonny Cother whose father was hired by Errol Flynn to Captain the Zaca in Spain. She writes:

I might be looking to sell some photos, etc. of my father’s time on board Zaca……….. only sincere inquiries will be answered. Thanks!

Bonny Cother


— David DeWitt


Memories of Sean – A Poignant Auction

12 May

So tragic.…



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Sean – A Very Wise Young Man Remembers His Dad

12 May

A Remarkable Interview with Sean, 1961:…

Sean-and-Errol-in-TV-production (2)

— Gentleman Tim


A Stay at Palm Beach, with the Jell-O Queen

12 May

One of Errol’s first visits to Palm Beach:

Visiting with Lili at Southwood, the Palm Beach Cottage of Eleanore Emily Woodward Vietor, Jell-O Heiress.

… I wonder what they had for dessert? You can never have enough Jell-O royalties.………



And here’s an interesting twist, Mrs. Vietor, the Jell-O heiress, later appears to have become Mrs. Cernadas, apparently related in some way to Freddie McEvoy’s daughter/Charles Wrightman’s granddaughter. Alfredo Cernados is a ranch baron from Argentina, who lived in Palm Beach and Gstadd, Switzerland. Haven’t put all the pieces together yet. This is in shangheinz territory!

— Gentleman Tim


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Captain Kidd’s Treasure

12 May

Found last week in the Wakes of Errol, Maureen & Anthony:…


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What Actor?

11 May


What Actor was:

1) In Multiple Errol Flynn Movies?

2) In More Movies Nominated for Best Picture Than Any Other Actor?

3) In More Films on the AFI 100 Greatest Films List Than Any Other Actor?


A Great Athlete

Think Four-Letter Words

In Two of Errol’s Greatest Movies

In One of Errol’s Greatest Scenes

Worked Extensively with Another Iconic Hollywood Star

Once Portrayed a Very Famous Movie Director

Errol Once had a Famous Fight with Him

Became a Big TV Star

He has a Star on Hollywood Boulevard

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“Errol’s Very Rare 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis”

10 May

Read the rest of this entry »

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Where is Flynn’s Folly?

10 May

Prompted and invigorated by zacal’s great find – “Let’s Hunt for Treasure” – I would like to ask all of our authorities “Where is Flynn’s Folly?

Given reports that it was a mountain only about 300-miles NW of Fairbanks, with an 8000-ft-plus peak, even “on the Geodesic Survey”, it should be rather easy to pinpoint. I, however, have not been able to do so. Anyone know? Or, was this a mountainous exaggeration by Errol and/or Ernst?

If accurately described by Errol and Ernst, I believe it may be in the Brooks Range, in or just outside what is now Gates of the Arctic National Park – perhaps near the Koyukuk River or Nolan Creek, perhaps further west in or near the Noatak National Preserve. There is a range of possibilities.………

Billion_Dollar_Driveway_MAP (2)



— Gentleman Tim


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