It’s Guido Fawkes Day! Calling All Flynn Fans & Artists!!

01 Jul

GF Exclusive Column

For all you Fawkes & Flynn fans!! Here’s an opportunity for to give Guido a proper Errolian update.

Designs Wanted


Guido Fawkes

Known for its explosive political satire, and occasionally disarming humor:


— Tim


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  1. Tina

    July 1, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    Tim, would you agree that this post rather belongs under “Flynn-related”?

    • Gentleman Tim

      July 1, 2014 at 8:39 pm

      This post & article involves what is reported to be an avatar based on the image of Errol Flynn in Robin Hood – one said to be viewed millions of times a month, Tina. As such, I believe it to be of rather substantial Flynnian interest & significance. Moreover, with redesign of the avatar in today’s news, with an open public offer to update the image, I thought, and still think, that is something also of great note – most particularly but not exclusively to EFB blog author/artists, who may want to make sure Errol’s image is retained and represented in the best artistic manner possible. I see it as a great opportunity for our great EFB artists, and thus do not think it should be buried.

      • Tina

        July 2, 2014 at 7:22 am

        It was only a simple question Tim, not knowing what you obviously knew as you gave no insight to us readers in your post!
        I am sure you remember when David created the title “Flynn-Related” and I made a trial post, just to see if it works and wanting to delete it thereafter, but posts immediately occurred so I was unable to delete it. You yourself posted on this trial post regarding the Errol Flynn Filmhouse in Northampton, I am sure you remember.

        I just can’t see how Guy Fawkes relates to Errol, without some more explanations of your expert knowledge.
        As far as I know, which is very little only the basics having lived in England is that on November 5, they celebrate Guy Fawkes Night with fireworks. Guy Fawkes with his compatriots planned to blow up, I think The House of Lords and the act is referred to as the Gunpowder Plot – hence the fireworks. His aim was to convert England to Catholicism by force and with his fellow compatriots planned to assassinate King James I. The scheme went as far as to plot the kidnapping of Princess Elisabeth and making her a child Queen of England under their control and returning the country in that way back to Catholicism.
        I would say all in all the man stood for something Errol did not believe in at all. Would it be a credit to Errol’s image? But please correct me if I am wrong.

        Of what you are telling in your post is very interesting and if you say this it to be an avatar based on the image of Errol Flynn is intriguing. Would you consider Guy Fawkes to be hero? How do you see the relation – connection between Guy Fawkes and Errol Flynn? Just in an effort to understand and maybe stand corrected.

        • Gentleman Tim

          July 2, 2014 at 11:31 am

          Tina – I simply provided a link to an article about a very popular avatar based on the image of Errol, as he appeaed in Robin Hood. I do not have , nor do I profess to have any expert knowledge regarding Guy Fawkes, or any other Fawkes. It appears you may not have read the link I posted above? That link explains the connection between the Guido Fawkes avatar and Errol Flynn, on whom it’s based.

          Regarding your more political/religious question – despite his Irish blood & sympathies, I cannot envision Errol plotting to convert the entire Bitish Empire to Catholicism. However, if Queen Elizabeth looked and acted anything like Bette Davis when she slapped Essex, I can definitely see the The Baron seriously contemplating the assassination of King Elizabeth/Petty Bette.

          • Tina

            July 2, 2014 at 8:08 pm

            A good joke and laugh you are right, after that slap Essex might have considered Catholicism.

            I read “Designs Wanted” which displays a right wing political blog who use Guy Fawkes as their symbol sort of a little dark humor.
            Depicting him in an image of Errol Flynn, rather Robin Hood has more or less the same streak.

            I would say typical British humor, which I usually love and find that it is one of the greatest humors existing. British humor is mostly based on making fun of themselves in opposition of other countries humor where it is mostly based on somebody else.

            I hope they find a design of somebody fitting more to Guy Fawkes than Errol does. Guy Fawkes was a criminal – no hero, Robin Hood was a hero! I for one just don’t see any honor for Errol in this political blog, thus only being my humble opinion and I know that others might feel different.
            I just resent Errol’s image or name being used in a derogatory manner.
            Hopefully, Errol will be out of the picture and good luck to them to find a fitting image!
            In the jest of humor, maybe Bette – Baby Jane would be great image?

            • Gentleman Tim

              July 2, 2014 at 11:15 pm

              I’m glad you’ve now read the link, Tina. And I can see from your answer that do now recognize the post’s significant connection to Errol – so much that it upsets you!

              Well, I’m on neither side of the issue or aisle regarding Guy Fawkes, or the fellow behind the Guido Fawkes Blog. However, reading his bio gives me the strong impression he’s far more libertarian than conservative. Indeed, he seems to have very strong strains of liberalistic thought, too. Some might see this free thinking, Irish-leaning, somewhat shocking and anti-British Empire character as a loose cannon, rather than anyone with a particular party ideology. …. Now, let me think, do we know anyone else who might fit that description? … How about Errol himself!?

              And Robin Hood? Well, his very name betrays that he too was regarded a criminal, doesn’t it?

              One man’s hero is another man’s villain. That ‘s the way it was with Robin Hood – and that’s the way it was and still is with Errol. So, I think the Robin Hood avatar makes a lot of sense, whether one agrees with Guy Fawkes and his band of not-so-merry men blowing up the rather tyrannical Palace of Parliament at Westminster, or not.

              And, all right-minded (no pun intended) Robin Hood fans knows Errol is the true rebel to have representing the fluently-treasonous Robin Hood, not any of the other pretenders to the Robin Hood throne – from Fairbanks to Costner to Crowe. Errol’s the Rebel, who gets criminal for the right cause. And so it is also with many want to be Fawkes around the globe.

              BTW, I’m no scholar of British culture, but I get the sense that many citizens of that great culture actually celebrate to various extents old Guy trying to blow up their oft corrupted Parliament. I know you’re up there in beautiful Canada, but down here we actually had a revolt against somewhat the same tyrannical elitists all those Fawkes were up against – except that we did much, much, much more damage – “criminal terrorists” that we were!

              So, Errol might actually like and enjoy that avatar of him up there on the site of the Guido Fawkes Blog. We may never know, but it’s a real possibility.

              We must always all remember, Tina, that the “winners” write the history most of us praise and abide by. Otherwise, there might have been a statue of Guy Fawkes erected in town squares around the world – from London to Calcutta to Sydney to Boston, the Carribean & Toronto. Holy Smoke, the Vatican may have put a statue of St. Guido in Catholic Churches from Rome to Tasmania.

              Here’s a much bolder rascal than Mr. Fawkes (you may want to substitute “Parliament” for the phrase used here – “tax gatherers”):

    • Gentleman Tim

      July 1, 2014 at 10:48 pm

      If this is really important to you or the blog, I will certainly consider moving this to the “Flynn-related” page, Tina. But, first, so all of us on are the same page, so to speak, what is the EFB’s official definition of what must go on the Flynn- related page, and not the Main/Front page?

      I do recall Inga, Robert & yourself pushing for such a page, but it appears that absolutely no authors have ever published any of their posts on the “Flynn-related” page, excepting one, inapplicable “test” post you made. So, why do do you think I should be the first to do so with this story and promotional event about a very popular avatar based on the image of Errol Flynn?