Have They Gone Bananas?

03 Nov

Is the Bombshell from Brazil Bigger Than The Baron of Mulholland?

“The Most Famous Person Born in 1909”

“From presidents and royals to musicians and movie stars, we’ve identified the most famous person born every year of the 20th century, as well as some honorable mentions.”

“Honorable mention Errol Flynn may have been the bigger star of the day, but Miranda’s fruity fashion sense has made her an enduring icon in a way unparalleled by others.”

Is the Baron Not King?

— Gentleman Tim


Heard Every Halloween ~~~ Plus Often In Between

01 Nov

What singing-songwriting cowboy?

Began his Hollywood acting career in an Errol Flynn film.

Once played Custer in a movie.

Played the villain in a super dooper Gary Cooper movie.

Performed something for Raoul Walsh still remembered very well in Hollywood.

Acted with Clint Eastwood, on TV and the big screen.

Had a principal role in a great Gene Hackman film.

Made a movie with John Wayne, also.

Was sometimes seen on Hee Haw.

Heard in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, too.

Wrote a monstrously big song heard every Halloween.

Had a long time connection to Roger Miller.

For those who may want to scream after hearing that, here’s this three-second work of art:

— Gentleman Tim


Happy Halloween …. All Errol Flynn Fans!

01 Nov

— David DeWitt

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Was Mulholland Farm Haunted? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ZACA Too??

31 Oct

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet’s Family at Mulholland Farm

After Party Ghost List…


More on the haunting of Mulholland in this video from 2:45 to 7:30

— Gentleman Tim


10-4 Gary and Ralph!

30 Oct


I have a book before me now.

Reminds me of another in terms of its exhaustive scope (though, obviously, on a smaller scale).

This OTHER has the rather modest title captured in 3 words: The Film Encyclopedia… but continues beyond the cover for 1504 pages!

And among other things, it garnered, this VERY special review:

“ Wow! What a book!” – KATHERINE HEPBURN

Well, I have the SAME reaction to, as I say, the book before me now:

“Broderick Crawford starring in Highway Patrol” by Gary Goltz and (our own) Ralph Schiller!

If you grew up in the 50s you experienced the dawning of the FREE television medium. To add insult to injury, the theater monopolies was taken away from the Hollywood Studios and made their finances even more uncertain.

Hence, MANY old movie stars were beginning to transition over (as well as those just starting out). And Academy Award Winning Actor, Broderick Crawford, was among these.

And Brod hitched his wagon to a star in it’s own right- an early pioneer in first run television productions: Ziv Television Programs Inc.

(You will learn all about Ziv’s contributions to the new medium: over 40 distinct TV Shows/Series by a quick count.)

Brod was sought out by none other than the head honcho himself, Frederick W. Ziv.

Having enjoyed Brod’s performance in “Down Three Dark Streets”, “Ziv was determined to build a police show around the powerhouse actor.”

Highway Patrol ran from 1955-59, for a total of 156 episodes. A half hour show with a strict shooting schedule and budget, and as opposed to being a sleeper, it soon became a runaway hit.

There are summaries and a list of cast members for EACH episode and you get to appreciate what a wonderful vehicle this was for those just starting out, most of whom I have NEVER heard of but a few notables worth mentioning include Judy Lewis (Young-Gable), Leonard Nimoy, and Clint Eastwood.

Filled with MANY photos and copies of original Ziv production documents… if you grew up and LOVED watching this show you will be EXTREMELY satisfied with the thorough job that went into this labor of PURE love!

Gary and Ralph- 10/4!

PS As for a “Flynn” connection, there are 2 mentions: one being Joe, of McHale’s Navy fame, and the other, a photo of Flynn as a part of group shot appearing in the “Friar’s Frollics”… with Broderick Crawford in DRAG!

Here’s the link:…

— Karl


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Un Errol Examen

29 Oct

Who was the American that witnessed Errol working on part of his autobiography in Mexico?


1. He or she wrote about it in their own autobiography.

2. In addition to him or her, there were three women present.

3. The circumstances were quite rare, (except perhaps for Senor Fleen himself.)

4. The person who witnessed it later became a rather well known Hollywood celebrity.

Chronological Visual Clues:

— Gentleman Tim


Deaf to All Pleas — He’s Off to the South Seas

28 Oct

October 26, 1936
Harrison Carroll
Hollywood Citizens News

Deaf to all pleas, Errol Flynn will not put off his vacation to bask in the glory that is sure to be his after the release of The Charge of the Light Brigade. Hot or cold, he’ll leave about Nov. 18, and now threatens to be gone from Hollywood for six months instead of three. However, I imagine Warner Brothers will have something to say about this.

The vacation is almost certainly to a be a solo one, with Lili Damita preferring to remain in this country rather than to face the jungles and hardships that come under Flynn’s idea of having a good time.

Even though the motor lingers the full six months in the South Seas and the Orient, they’ll be no dearth of Flynn Pictures on the screen. Besides Charge of the Light Brigade, a film of real epic stature, there are Green Light and the current Another Dawn.

— Gentleman Tim


Errol Flynn’s Other Jamaica Vanity Fair

27 Oct

— David DeWitt


Nice Collection & Errol Flynn Photo from Marilyn Hunte!

27 Oct

Thanks for sharing, Marilyn …

— David DeWitt


Deep Sea Fishing Puzzler? Errol Flynn, or Howard Hill?

26 Oct

The Mail Bag brings this puzzler???

This picture, and a few others, have been linked to the 11-minute film, Deep Sea Fishing, with dates of the release of this short subject, anywhere from 1946 to 1954. There are supposedly some newspaper ads for the picture that listed, “starring Howard Hill,” not Errol Flynn.

Is there any information on the actual film, showing a correct year?  How about a date and place of it’s showing?

I leave this you Flynn Detectives out there …

— David DeWitt