Errol Flynn mid April 1953 to End of June with William Tell!

Part 2

With all of the pressure to begin the filming of The Story of William Tell, other problems and dilemmas appear on the horizon for Flynn …both business and personal.

    (to be continued)

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Busy Errol Flynn Beginning of March, 1953, to Mid April!

 Part 1

Errol finishes one film and prepares for his next, most important, production …The Story of William Tell.

    (to be continued)

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The Month of May, 1940 for Errol Flynn!

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Errol Flynn from Mid-March to Mid-April 1941

Dive Bomber begins screen tests on March 14th and Errol is in San Diego, California, on the 19th for location shooting to begin. (Remember, you can double click on a single page for more detail.)


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Mail Bag! Rick Rubin’s former home, 2451 Laurel Canyon Blvd. & Errol Flynn!

My name is Hamish and I am writing a book about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As you may know they (along with many other bands) recorded a few of their albums in Rick Rubin’s former home, 2451 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

That property, along with 2400, has long been associated with Errol Flynn, but I can’t find any proof he was ever there. It regularly gets referred to as his house, or a house he at least stayed at; on your website you mention it was a reputed location for parties. I was wondering if you had any idea where I could look to find some definitive sources either way?

Thank you



— David DeWitt

Errol Flynn around Mid-April to Mid-May, 1956!

Errol arrives in England on April 9th 1956 to begin his contract producing segments for The Errol Flynn Theatre for television.

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Errol Flynn About Late May of 1937 to Late June!

Errol Flynn is working on The Perfect Specimen which began filming on May 15th and will run thru June and into mid-July. On Errol’s birthday, June 20th, he enters his two Rhodesian Ridgeback ‘lion dogs’ in the Pasadena Kennel Club, Summer Dog show at Busch Gardens. Jimmy McManus of Ruggles Kennels will handle the two dogs in the competition. Errol does not attend and the dogs did not win, but received a lot of interest. Flynn is very proud.

Enjoy …

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Best Ever bar room Brawl

Great Lowdown of Dodge city with pictures.…

— tassie devil

Errol Flynn from the End of May, 1951 to End of July!

Here and overseas

From visiting Las Vegas, Nevada with his son Sean, to entertaining thousands of troops in Korea, our man Flynn is adventuring in time zones around the world … and back to Nevada.

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Mail Bag! Errol Flynn’s boat TONGA!

In the Mail Bag come this message about Errol Flynn’s Tonga:

To whom it may concern,

I recently found your blog site and loved reading about Flynn. With that in mind I recently purchased the stern name from his boat Tonga. I am very interested in learning anything you know about the boat. When did he own it and and stories you know. Above all I would love to find any photos of the boat especially with any clarity as most are fuzzy. This is the name I purchased from the boat and was gifted to a family in st Pete who sailed it many years ago.

Thank you in advance for any info or photos you have of it? Also it’s rumored Flynn sold out gifted it to the zorro actor John carrol…any knowledge of that would be helpful.

I’m very interested in what you find. I am in love with the Tonga piece I bought it’s really cool and amazing looking in person. Here are some articles I found.

The Tonga articles:

If you scroll down on the larger boats they list the Tonga and Flynn as original owner.…wiki/Wirth_Munroe

Cool article that mentions the tonga was a used by celebrities in honor of Flynn.…content/uploads/2018/01/Hotel-Scarface-Daily-Mail.pdf…archive/1995/09/30/on-the-water-on-the-run/?outputType=amp

News clipping about the Tonga…archive/1995/09/30/on-the-water-on-the-run/?outputType=amp

My best,

Scott Sensenbrenner


Thanks, Scott!

— David DeWitt