First Things: Boys Into Men

13 Jun

Leading Religious Magazine Recommends Errol’s Robin Hood and Gentleman Jim for Helping Develop Boys Into Men.…

— Gentleman Tim


Who is Errol with and Why???

13 Jun

Northern Pursuit

Southern Pursuit

A Bishop’s Involved

— Gentleman Tim


King’s Bishop – Flynn’s Gambit

12 Jun

Here’s part of an original script for Captain Blood. How do you think Errol did in his interpretation of the script? (See 1:50 – 2:22 of the TCM video linked below.) I’d say bloody magnificent.…

— Gentleman Tim


Sean’s In Fashion

10 Jun

Dressin’ Like Flynn, Sean Flynn

Nigel Cabourn spring/summer 2018 collection presentation | LFWM

— Gentleman Tim


Are You With Him?

09 Jun

“Empire Presents 101 Classic Scenes, on sale now, assembles some of the most memorable moments in cinematic history, starting in 1938 with Errol Flynn’s speech from The Adventures Of Robin Hood …”……

“I’ve called you here as freeborn Englishmen, loyal to our king. While he reigned over us, we lived in peace. But since Prince John has seized the regency, Guy of Gisbourne and the rest of his traitors have murdered and pillaged.

You’ve all suffered from their cruelty: the ear loppings, the beatings, the blindings with hot irons, the burning of our farms and homes, the mistreatment of our women. It’s time to put an end to this!

Now, this forest is wide. It can shelter and clothe and feed a band of good, determined men, good swordsmen, good archers, good fighters.

Men, if you’re willing to fight for our people, I want you! Are you with me?

…Then kneel, and swear this oath:

You, the freemen of this forest, swear to despoil the rich only to give to the poor, to shelter the old and the helpless, to protect all women rich or poor, Norman or Saxon. Swear to fight for a free England. To protect her loyally until the return of our King and sovereign Richard the Lion Heart. And swear to fight to the death against our oppressors!”

— Gentleman Tim


Mrs. William Tell is 90 and well

09 Jun

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Austrian actress, Mrs. Waltraut Haas, Errol’s co- star of his unfinished appleshot “The Story of William Tell” turns 90 today.

She remembers Flynn fondly as charming not flirty, knowing his lines on cue and feasting on sardines, Rum and Coca Cola during their short cut stint in Courmayeur Italy:…

She still is keeping busy appearing on stage at least once a year at the local Wachau summer theatre festival.

Starring opposite our Hollywood hero seems the equivalent of falling into a fountain of youth for his long-living leading ladies.

Some sort of caressing keelhauling if you will.

G’day and happy b’day,

— shangheinz


In Come the Flynns

08 Jun

Harrison Carroll – Los Angeles Evening Herald Express
June 8, 1939

For the first time since Hollywood gave stardom and world-wide fame to Errol Flynn, the Irish actor and his family are to have a reunion.

It will take place here, revealed Flynn today, with the arrival of his mother and his sister, Rosemary, in about two weeks. The star’s father, Theodore Thompson Flynn, who is dean of the faculty of science at Queen’s University in Belfast, alsi is expected on the coast after a brief stay in New York.

According to the actor, it has been more than three years since he has seen his parents.

Asked if his 19-year-old sister might also seek a film career, Flynn laughed and shook his head.

“She’s the clever one in the family”, he explained, “she’s studying medicine.”

But what if some studio offer’s her a test? The star was then asked.

“In that case”, said Flynn, “I’ll probably handle the deal.”

This visit will be the first time any of the star’s family has been inside a motion picture studio. They’ll have an opportunity to watch Flynn work before the camera with Bette Davis in Elizabeth and Essex.…

— Gentleman Tim


Flyin’ Flynn & Flippin’ Arno

07 Jun

June of ’89

Jimmy Starr – Los Angeles Evening Herald Express
June 5, 1939

Errol Flynn’s finally got a private pilot’s licence and flew to te Elizabeth and Essex location at the Warner Ranch in his own plane.

Erskine Johnson – Los Angeles Evening Herald Express
June 8, 1938


Errol Flynn’s Schnauzer chasing Bette Davis’ Scotty around the Warner Studio Cafe’ …

— Gentleman Tim


Before Blood

06 Jun

For what film was Errol tested that, if he had landed the role, would have been his first Hollywood starring role?

– He was considered for it before he was chosen for Captain Blood.

– It was based on a famous book.

– Though the story was a disaster, the movie was a success.

– Though it was fictional, it was based on real events.

– It would have been his first role with Alan Hale.

– It would have been his first role with Basil Rathbone.

– There were swords in the movie, but Errol would have never dueled against Basil with any of them.

– Russell Crowe played a somewhat similar role once.

– Kirk Douglas played a somewhat similar role once.

– Errol would have got religion in his role.

– Years later, he visited the location that was the setting of the film.

— Gentleman Tim


Mail Bag! Tom Scalzo Article Covers it All!

04 Jun

Tom Scalzo and I have been emailing back and forth and he mentioned an old article that he published about Errol that covered the old boy’s life so well that I asked him if I could reproduce it here and happily he has agreed! So enjoy!

Thanks, Tom!

— David DeWitt