— — Late for La Conga — — A Week in the Life of Flynn

19 May

Evening Herald Express – Harrison Carroll – May 16, 1938

Errol Flynn has wired for reservations at La Conga for the night of May 21.

Los Angeles Examiner – May 17, 1938

Havana, May 17. Errol Flynn, Hollywood film actor, received the thanks today of an unidentified American he saved from serious injury during a fight in a night club here last night.

Fists, bottles and chairs were flying when Flynn intervened. The American who was involved escaped with a broken nose. Flynn was not hurt.

He was accompanied by his wife, who refused to take the matter seriously.

Evening Herald Express – May 17, 1938

“I think this all so funny”, quoth Lili Damita, stage and screen beauty, who was a spectator while fists and bottles flew in a free-for-all-fight at the Eden Concert Night Club with Errol Flynn taking a prominent part in the fighting.

The fight started last night when one of the members of Flynn’s party got into an argument with a man at a nearby table. A minute later, chairs and bottles began to fly.

Flynn, who often plays rough and tumble parts in the movies, joined in with two or three effective punches at those who got in his way. The only casualty was an unidentified American who received a broken nose and a cut eye. Flynn and the others were unhurt and continued their party.

Flynn’s only loss was the disappearance of a valued cigaret lighter.

Louella O. Parsons – Los Angeles Examiner – May 26, 1938

Errol Flynn is lost again between Havana and Hollywood.

Ed Sullivan – Hollywood Citizen News

Errol Flynn gets in June 4.

Louella O. Parsons – Los Angeles Examiner

Lili and Errol Flynn, no longer “among the missing” planed in yesterday morning from Chicago.

— Gentleman Tim


Olivia’s Dress from Elizabeth and Essex

17 May

Some of you may recall in 1970 MGM Studios, out of business, held a huge auction, liquidating assets, props, clothes, memorabilia, etc. from it’s treasure troves….   TCM had a short film on it the other night.  Always brings a tear to my eye….

Actress Debbie Reynolds frantically purchased many items to save for posterity. Here is a short clip of her collection. At 1:21 in the film, you’ll see Olivia’s dress from Elizabeth and Essex, cleaned and restored, being put into proper acid-free storage.

Debbie Reynolds’ film memorabilia collection:…




— The Zaca


Errol’s Open Letter

16 May

An EFB Four Score News Report

Los Angeles Evening Herald Express – Harrison Carroll – May 1937

“In an open letter to the graduating class of the Black-Foxe Military Academy,
Errol Flynn expounded with some typical Errol Flynn philosophy – urging the boys
to seize adventure from life before settling down to careers. The star is now
embarrassed, trying to think of informative or tactfully discouraging answers to
24 members of the class, who have written him, demanding details on how to do it.”

Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Hats Off to Black-Foxe Military Institute

Sean attended Black-Foxe for two years in the Fifties, but, not enjoying its boarding-school isolation and regimentation, left before graduating to live with Lili in Palm Beach.

The school can be seen in the cold war film “My Son John” with Robert Walker, Helen Hayes and Van Heflin. Walker’s real sons, pictured below, also attended the school. (Walker died during the shooting of this film, which had to be finished with film he shot in a Hitchcock film shot a few years earlier.)

— Gentleman Tim


In the Wake of Hurricane George

16 May

With hurricane season rapidly approaching in Florida, here is a rarely seen photo of Errol and Nora arriving in Miami in the wake of “Hurricane George”, “one of the most powerful and largest storms ever to hit SE Florida.”…

1947 was the first year the U.S. Air Force officially assigned names to hurricanes. The worst hurricane that year was Hurricane George, aka “the Fort Lauderdale Hurricane”, because of the Category 4 havoc it caused in Fort Liquordale. It caused extensive damage in Louisiana and Mississippi, also.

“Errol Flynn and his wife, Nora, are pictured on their arrival here by plane from Jamaica. Their flight course closely paralleled the course of the hurricane. ‘Shocking and sad, ‘ Flynn said of storm-wrecked Miami.” Flynn and wife are shown on the stairs of an airplane.” September 20, 1947.

In October, the long-delayed filming of The Adventures of Don Juan began in California.

Orange represents Category 4 winds:

Man on Miami Beach, where there was major flooding and damage, including to 334 hotels:

— Gentleman Tim


Errol at Elstree

16 May…

Errol in his Frazer Nash Targa Florio at Elstree Film Studios during filming of “The Master of Ballantrae”

— Gentleman Tim


Errol Saves England (Again) — Eighty Years Ago

15 May

An EFB Four Score News Report: The Anniversary of The Prince and the Pauper

Louella O. Parsons – Extract from the Los Angeles Illustrated Daily News – May 12, 1937

“Miles Herndon, dashing soldier of fortune, delivers the rightful prince.
Warners are indeed fortunate in having Errol Flynn in the family to play Herndon.
Where I ask you, is there a more suitable actor for a role that calls for
a handsome devil-may-care adventurer? Errol may have had bigger roles, but
never one that suited him better.”

Elizabeth Yeaman – Extract from the Hollywood Citizen News – May 13, 1937

With the coronation in England dominating the headlines for days, nothing
could have been more timely than Warners’ film version of The Prince and
the Pauper, which is climaxed by an elaborate coronation sequence.

Harrison Carrol – Extract from the Los Angeles Evening Herald Express – May 13, 1937

If Mark Twain had been alive today and had written The Prince and the Pauper
under Hollywood assignment, he could not have turned out a more perfect screen
story for this coronation year and for two extraordinary child actors, Billy
and Bobby Mauch.

In its spectacular and veracious coronation scenes this is as timely a picture
as could be asked.

It is Errol Flynn, playing a good natured soldier of fortune, who takes the young prince under his wing – not the least believing his story – and finally clears the way for a nick-of-time restoration of the royal youth, just as the unwilling beggar boy is about to be crowned king of England. In the role, Flynn is a dashing figure.

Warners have made the coronation ceremony one of the year’s spectacular screen episodes.

The Prince and the Pauper is an excitingly narrated, handsomely prodeuced, finely acted picture – an artistic achievement for producer Hal B. Wallis and all concerned – and a box-office natural.

Heading the supporting bill is a color short, A Day at Santa Anita.

Flynn saves England!

Just in time for the Coronation!

— Gentleman Tim


Eurobin Hood

15 May

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

a new Robin Hood- Origins movie arrows our way!

Welshman Taron Egerton (“Kingsman: The Secret Service”) dons slacks instead of tights, Jamie Foxx is Little John and Jamie Dornan alias Will Scarlett will paint the sheriffs mean men in 50 shades of black and blue. Otto Bathurst of “Peaky Blinders” fame is the director. Here are some first impressions from location at the Croation World Heritage City of Dubrovnik.


— shangheinz


Bleeding Cool Anniversary

15 May

The Adventures of Robin Hood – May 14, 1938

On This Day In Pop Culture For May 14

— Gentleman Tim


Flynn Lays Down

12 May

It seems EF decided not the beat the crap out of Sonja Henie’s husband, Dan Topping, after being caught kissing in the back room – The link here doesn’t say it all but in watching a Bio on Sonja the other night, it mentions that this happened due to the fact Sonja wanted to get her husband back for overly flirting with other females at the party…..

Well we all know our man Flynn, always one to oblige concerning good looking females. It seems he was a real good sport about the whole thing.…

— Sergio


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Ex Errol Flynn makes for a mean king

12 May

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I highly recommend you go and see “King Arthur”, a blockbuckler of epic porportions from Brit director Guy Ritchie.

If you filter the Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones- overtones, out comes a film Errol would have very much liked to make and could have thrived in. The acid tongue in cheek remarks make newcomer Charlie Hunnum talk treason constantly.

But the main Flynn film reference comes from the movie’s meanie Jude Law, who is no stranger to controversy himself, when a few years ago he put his kids’ nanny to bed.

A leading man in his own right, he gives a posh performance as the evil brother of Arthur’s father, starring Eric Bana, usurping the Auld King.

From Flynn to king that’s the law according to Jude.…


— shangheinz