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Some Singer

05 Jun

June 4, 1938

Jimmy Starr
Evening Herald Express

Although not rated as singing stars, Errol Flynn, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Warren Baxter, Frank Morgan, will, if the occasion demands, tear off a cinematic tune or two.

— Gentleman Tim


A Really Big Show

02 Jun

Errol Shows in Hollywood – Featuring Errol, Lili, Ed & Louella


May 30, 1938

Ed Sullivan
Hollywood Citizens News

Errol Flynn gets in June 4.


June 2, 1938

Louela O. Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

Lili and Errol Flynn, no longer “among the missing,” planed on yesterday morning from Chicago.

— Gentleman Tim



31 May



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Lili Damita, War Hero?

29 May

During legal proceedings against Errol, Lili Damita testified that she suffered an injury while serving her country during World War II. What was that alleged injury, and under what circumstances did Tiger Lil’ allegedly incur her alleged injury?

1. An STD spying for the French underground?

2. A head injury working for the Red Cross?

3. A sprained ankle performing for the USO?

4. A fall from a horse at Camp Pendleton?

5. A fist-fight with Bette Davis at the Hollywood Canteen?, or

6. A cut hand smashing a bottle of Veuve Clicquot over Errol’s skull?

— Gentleman Tim


In Like Flynn…

28 May

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— Karl


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Born at Battery Point

25 May

Queen Alexandra Hospital
Hobart, Tasmania – 1908

Errol was born in Battery Point at the Queen Alexandra Hospital on June 20, 1909.…

— Gentleman Tim


When Who Lost His Finger?

24 May

A Cutting Edge Quiz

Who wrote on the image below that he “lost his finger”?

— Gentleman Tim


Silver River @ Warners Downtown LA, 1948

22 May

May 22, 1948

Silver River

Lowell E. Redelings

Hollywood Citizen News

There’s a scene in Silver River where Ann Sheridan, on a wagon trek West, sleeps out under the stars. Errol Flynn bunks beneath a wagon for the night, but Ann thinks he’s inside the wagon.

It rains before morning, Ann comes scampering to the wagon, dragging her blankets behind her, and starts to scramble under the wagon.

“Please, lady,” exclaims Errol in feigned indignation, “you might at least first knock on the wheel.”

Whereupon, with a black look of hate (Errol loves her, but she can’t stand HIM, you know) climbs into the wagon, and Errol on the ground below asks questions relating to her private life with her husband.

All this is meat and drink to Errol Flynn’s fans. You could almost hear them drooling in their emotions yesterday at the Warner Hollywood Theater, and there were probably similar demonstrations at the Downtown and Wiltern.

Silver River is a good “schmaltzy” movie entertainment.  it is tailored stuff for Errol – the bold, dashing hero of many another frontier epic. It gives Mr. Flynn a chance to wear those frontier clothes, in which he makes the wardrobe department so proud of itself, and too, he has plenty of elbow room in the wide-open spaces to woo Ann between walking over men in his climb to riches and fame.

Errol is a gambler this time out. The time is the Post-Civil War period, and the Westward movement is in full force. Errol acquires some gambling equipment and from this small beginning becomes a silver tycoon in the hub of the silver empire – Silver City.

Ann Sheridan is married to a mining expert – but so far as Errol is concerned he’s just in the way of his conquest of Ann. The Indians finally get her husband, and Errol moves in quickly to make her his wife.

Thereafter, the plot moves to a dramatic climax.

— Gentleman Tim


Hats Off to Ronald Reagan

21 May

May 21, 1948

Sidney Skolsky
Hollywood Citizen News

Ronald Reagan: He is an actor who is interested in the welfare of actors and in their position in the industry. He has advanced from a supporting player to a leading man. He is always to know what pictures are being made at his studio, and when hears of any he likes, he makes a bid for it. He is very pleased that he is no longer told they wanted Errol Flynn for a certain picture, but that they are going to give it to him.

— Gentleman Tim


Flynn On Ray De O’Fan

20 May

May 16, 1936

Ray De O’Fan
Los Angeles Examiner

Smith Ballew as master of ceremonies on “Chateau” will introduce as his guests Errol Flynn, one of Hollywood’s newer stars; comic George Jessel, singer June Knight and grappler Man Mountain Dean. This in addition to Smith’s warbling and Victor Young’s music (KFL 5:30 PM)


“Chateau” refers to the Shell Chateau radio show. Smith Ballew was a very talented musician, who sang and played with many of the greatest musicians of the 20s and 30s. Following Shell Chateau, he became a ‘B’ Western star.…

Jessel with Norma Jean

The Vivacious June Knight

Man Mountain Dean, Dizzy Dean, Daffy Dean

The Great Vincent Young…

— Gentleman Tim