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Mail Bag! Where the Boys Are! Sean Flynn (Uncredited!)

09 Dec

The Mail Bag brings a nice nugget about the film appearances of Sean Flynn (son of Errol Flynn and Lili Damita …)

I was looking at the filmography of George Hamilton and knew he was in that movie but was not listed as being in it on a particular website, looked further and also found THIS…. Guess who?
You have to look for “full cast &  crew” to find him. I tried to copy that link to tiny URL but no dice.
How about that!
GREAT Find … Thanks so much!

— David DeWitt


Deep Sea Fishing Puzzler? Errol Flynn, or Howard Hill?

26 Oct

The Mail Bag brings this puzzler???

This picture, and a few others, have been linked to the 11-minute film, Deep Sea Fishing, with dates of the release of this short subject, anywhere from 1946 to 1954. There are supposedly some newspaper ads for the picture that listed, “starring Howard Hill,” not Errol Flynn.

Is there any information on the actual film, showing a correct year?  How about a date and place of it’s showing?

I leave this you Flynn Detectives out there …

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Closer look at Robert de Cantelar’s Zaca Model!

22 Oct

Some closeups of the wood Robert de Cantelar’s Zaca Model is made of. It was made from wood taken from the Main Boom of the original Zaca …

Thanks, Robert!

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Zaca Model made from Main Boom of Flynn’s Original Zaca!

21 Oct

Robert writes again with photos of the model of the Zaca he constructed from wood of the Main Mast of the original Zaca. Of the model he says:

“All the masts and the support are in Oregon pine, but this wood is that of the principal boom of ZACA that I bought to the shipyard keeping the complete masts and cut it in planks of 3 centimeters thick, under report of Usher. This model is unique in the world because it is manufactured with the original hull and masts plans and the wood originating from the ZACA is an integral part of the ship. A historical model in various aspects.

I still have some boards of this wood of which I made 80 ZACA half-hull. It measures Length : 151 Cm – Width : 22 Cm – Height : 125 Cm.

The bollard is from the Zaca, and is for sale. You can inquire through this blog, by contacting Robert via our email address: zacapublishing at gmail dot com …

Robert, thanks so much for sharing your photos with us!

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Zaca Bollard! Robert de Cantelar …

20 Oct

This mornings Mail Bag brings us word from Robert de Cantelar …

Hi, David,

Do you remember me since more than three years of silence ?

Some news from you ?

I want to sell this bollard of ZACA, there were two originally and when I knew the boat only one was in place on the starboard aft. I bought it at the Shipyard who was next to Bankruptcy. It is in the state it was on board, there is a beautiful trace of cables on one arm and the central sphere. (See pict of detail)I also have the four bolts for fixing to the bridge, in bronze.

This piece is unique and for a true enthusiast of Errol Flynn and ZACA. I ask for it 60.000 Euros. Interested collector can contact me. Looking forward to your reply, I present to you my best regards.

Robert de Cantelar, from France.

Where ?

This bollard was in place on ZACA in 1988 before she sunk one more time.

I have many pics of the complete boat that was abandoned with only an asthmatic raw water pump….!

Details: Bollard in cross, in bronze, from Starboard side of ZACA.
Weight 23 kilos
Base, square 255 m/m – Base thickness 25 m/m
Total Hight without teak base 355 m/m
Total lange of horizontal arms 300 m/m
Four bronze bolts from origine on Zaca – Lengh 415 m/m – Diameter 19 m/m


Thanks for sharing Robert! If anyone is interested or knows somebody who is, you can contact me via the blog’s email address: zacapublishing at gmail dot com …

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Errol Flynn: Rest in Peace …

14 Oct

This is from the FB version of our blog. Selene Hutchison-Zuffi writes:

Dan did it again, third time in 3 months that he brought flowers to Errol for me as I cant. This was something beautiful he did today. He brought flowers to Errol on the 60th anniversary of his passing. RIP darling …

Thanks, Selene …

— David DeWitt


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Mail Bag! When was Errol Flynn on Gene Hersholt Show Dr. Christian?

05 Oct

From the Mail Bag …

I am trying to discover when Flynn made his appearance on the Gene Hersholt show  Dr.Christian (here’s an  ad if that will help). I do not have a clue, just a pic. I do believe that is him with Flynn …

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! A few Words from TJR McDowell!

26 Aug

Got this nice message from TJR McDowell:

Sean Flynn with Errol …

David: I spent some time today looking over your Flynn Blog. It really is extraordinary, the best blog on the internet. I’ve been fortunate enough to be allowed to post a few things about Flynn, and it’s been very gratifying. Flynn has popped up in my life at the oddest times.

I went to a school named Lawrenceville in NJ, and my math teacher, Mr. Parks, an old fossil but nice guy, occasionally would talk about Sean Flynn who he’d also taught at Lawrenceville. Errol visited once on parents day, and Mr. Parks met him and said he was friendly and proud of Sean. We were asked to pray for Sean at chapel (this was in 1972, my 8th grade year), as I think it was his birthday, and he was still missing in Cambodia.

I know a guy from Sean’s class who said Sean was a nice low key guy, who struggled (like everyone there) in class, but excelled on the swim team..I knew another fellow in London name Colin Crewe who told me he spent a day with Errol in the late 1950’s when he worked for Lloyds of London and was insuring Errol for a film and assigned to tag along with him for a day, and that Flynn wore this beautiful blue wool suit and Colin went out the next day and bought one.

Then there was Robin Moore whom I knew slightly, wrote French Connection, and he told me about hanging out with Flynn in Jamaica, teasing the native dogs and hitting on the native women, and how Flynn once fought with a young Chris Blackwell, the record magnate, whose family lived in Jamaica. Then there was an in depth article I wrote for Premiere Magazine all about the Garden of Allah, and there were sundry Flynn stories here; I interviewed everyone from Hal Roach to Cesar Romero to Billy Wilder to Glen Ford who had me over and we talked for hours and he thought Flynn was a man’s man but basically a sad guy.

Lastly, I once interviewed Charles Higham, who wrote the untold story, the weirdest most dysfunctional misanthropic con man I’ve ever spoken with, a sick guy who was into exploiting everyone to make a living; his book was sheer invention calculated to get on best seller lists everywhere, which it did.

That’s my two cents!

All best, Rider

Thanks, TJR …

— David DeWitt


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Mail Bag! King & Queen Meet the Stars!

31 Jul
Hello David,
Here’s another video with my favorite actor…
Thanks to: Carol Kramer

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Something for You to See! Errol Flynn Tribute!

28 Jul
I am having the best time wandering around your Errol Flynn Blog.
Came across this Flynn Tribute video.  WOW!  Take a look

Thanks, Carol Kramer …

Thank you, Carol!

— David DeWitt

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