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The Sea Hawk

13 Apr

In looking for colorized images from The Sea Hawk I found this page which had some surprises one of which was an ad for a toy ship. I gave up not finding any screen caps of the VHS version. Check out the link though.…

— twinarchers


Mail Bag! Errol Flynn Promissory Note! 1953!

02 Apr

Our Karl Holmberg spotted this Errol Flynn promissory note recently on eBay. He uses the Mail Bag to say:

That would be $132,879.21 in today dollars. Thanks to your sharing and Mr. Florczak’s 1953 searching, we have:

December 14~Flies from Barcelona, Spain to New York aboard Pan American Airways.

December 25~Daughter, Arnella Roma is born (6 1/2lbs) in Rome, Italy.

Promissory note


At this location: Bobby Van’s Grill & Steakhouse – Wall Street,Levine, Lisa A,SPI Entertainment Incorporated,Fort Green Cleaners Llc & (no fee) apartments.

Thanks, Karl!

— David DeWitt


Letter from Errol to Patrice – Dig -Dig – Dig!

22 Feb

I came across this letter from Errol to either Patrice or her father. It is for sale and I have attached the link:…

I have never seen this before.


— Maria


1/26/43 News Report & Related Photos

25 Jan

January 26, 1943…


Witness Testifies of Girl’s
Plan to Meet Actor.

Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 25 (M)

A brunette soda fountain girl, Mons Mervyn, today told the jury trying Errol Flynn on statutory rape charges that one of the complaining witnesses, Betty Hansen, informed her she hoped to meet Flynn and get into the movies with his help.

Miss Mervyn said she worked at a drug store where Miss Hansen, a Lincoln, Neb., girl was employed
for two weeks. She said Betty told her she considered Flynn good looking.

Yacht Employee Questioned.

The defense switched to testimony about Miss Hansen after summoning as its first witness Corp. Hubert L. Oliver of Glendale, Cal., now stationed at a Texas army camp. Oliver said he was employed by Flynn as a seaman on his yacht, the Sirocco, that he was aboard the vessel the night 17-year old Peggy La Rue Satterlee, the other complaining witness, contends she was seduced by the screen star.

Oliver testified he heard no disturbance or outcry and that Flynn, to his knowledge, was not below deck at the time of the alleged attack.

Flynn, Oliver said, was at the wheel of the yacht all the way home.

Says Door Won’t Lock.

Mrs. Helga Brabon, former caretaker at the Bel Air home of Fred McEvoy, where Miss Hansen alleged Flynn seduced her, Betty was wrong in saying Flynn locked the door after taking her to the bedroom. She said the door of the room In question has a lock “but it never worked, that I know of, and it still won t work.”

Mrs. Addle E. Odell, operator of a
Hollywood apartment house, said Miss Hansen rented one of her apartments Oct. 1, 1942, as Mrs. Betty Gray. Mrs. Mary Ross, juvenile division policewoman, that Miss Hansen told her Flynn seduced her In a double bad In a large bedroom. This contrasted to Betty’s direct testimony that the alleged seduction occurred In an alcove off the large bedroom.

Jerry Giesler, Flynn’s attorney, said Flynn, himself, will take the stand, probably tomorrow or Wednesday.

Satterlee & Hansen with LA District Attorney Thomas Cochran:





05 Nov 1942, Los Angeles, California, USA --- Peggy Satterlee shows a photo of herself and Errol Flynn on his yacht during his trial at a Los Angeles courthouse. Satterlee accused Flynn of committing statutory rape against her on the yacht. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

05 Nov 1942, Los Angeles, California, USA — Peggy Satterlee shows a photo of herself and Errol Flynn on his yacht during his trial at a Los Angeles courthouse. Satterlee accused Flynn of committing statutory rape against her on the yacht. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS



— Gentleman Tim


Intriguing new images from way back. School report, debt notice

19 Nov




debt efdebt errol_exam_results-sml errol_flynn_friends_enrollmentcard_sml school ef1

— Don Jan


In the Company of Legends

12 Apr

I found an interesting post from Newsweek regarding a book written by David Heeley and Joan Kramer: “In the Company of Legends“.  Turner Classic Movies showed 5 of their biographies this past week.  Not included in the TV program, but in their book (I believe)  is a section on Errol. Excerpt:

Any examples of getting too close to the subjects to make your treatment balanced?

DH: Sometimes it’s tricky when you’re getting very close to the people involved. You don’t want to offend them but you can’t let that color how you tell the story. In the case of the Errol Flynn show we got very close to [his widow] Pat Wymore, who initially wouldn’t talk to anybody about him. Joan got her on the phone and that was the end of that [laughs]. Joan can persuade anybody. At the end of the phone call she said, “Why don’t you come down and visit me?” We were very close to Pat but we said Errol Flynn did not lead a life that was all hunky-dory. If we’re going to really tell the truth, we risk offending Pat. We talked to her and she said, “Just tell the story straight.” She knew who she was married to. So we did tell the story straight and she said, in the end, “Errol would have been so happy. Because yes of course we showed his flaws, but we also showed the world that he was a great actor.”


Right On Pat!…

— Maria


Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland Immigration forms!

12 Jan

Interesting Immigration forms for Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland:

immigration form FLYNN

immigration form DeHav

— David DeWitt


Dive Bomber Call Sheet!

02 Dec

Dive Bomber Call Sheet!

— David DeWitt


Errol Flynn Vaccination Record!

02 Dec

Becky writes to us:

I was hoping that someone could direct me to someone who could give me some advice on a document that I have that has Errol’s signature on it. It is a international certificate of inoculation and vaccination and has dates from1951 to Feb. of 1958. I would like to sell it but don’t know where to start.



Back of Document

— David DeWitt


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Errol Flynn's Rock Hotel Registration!

26 Mar

Jan writes to me, As promised I send you the 2 files of Errol Flynn's registration at the Rock Hotel in Gibraltar… Note: The lady who send me the files, bless her cotton socks, she wrote Errol's name wrong. I let her off this time.

Have a great weekend, David.

— David DeWitt