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Flynnster the Prankster

01 Apr

By all accounts, Errol was a consummate, and very prolific prankster. World class, I’m sure. Being that this is April Fools Day, it seems like a perfect time to document and discuss some of Errol’s practical jokes, and alleged practical jokes. Surely there were hundreds, maybe thousands, most now lost forever. There are enough accounts existing, however, for us to get a good flavor of his sensational sense of humor.

My favorite may be one I heard on Hollywood Boulevard from a tour guide a few years back when my son and I attended a TCM Classic Movie Festival. It’s vintage Flynn, something only he could have pulled off with such magnificent flair and humor. … I will post it up later, but, first:

Here’s an untoppable, top tier EFB post by Flynnmaestro King Karl Holmberg. Awesome, Karl. Thanks!

Remembering Linc, Tony, and of course …


Here’s an alphabetical list of phrases that may help searches and recollections:

A Parrot in Panama

A Rice Bowl for Stockwell

Arno was a Real Pisser

David Invites a Date for Dinner

Hugh Jorgen

Mickey Visits the Farm

Niven Goes Skiing

Olivia’s Panties

Paul’s Passport

Taxi Driver

The World’s First Living Bracelet

Weekend at Errol’s

— Gentleman Tim


It Was Eighty Years Ago Today — 3/30/37

30 Mar

March 30, 1937

Hollywood Citizen News – Elizabeth Yeaman

The Warner Bros. are sincerely worried over their failure to locate Errol Flynn,
who was hastily summoned back to Hollywood when it was learned that he was
planning to penetrate war-torn Spain. Errol was in Paris, and last Friday he told
his wife, Lili Damita, he was leaving for Spain. He left, while Lili remained in Paris.
He didn’t tell her where he was going in Spain, and apparently Lili didn’t bother to inquire.

Robert Schless, head of the Warner Paris office, has not been able to locate him. Errol,
when he left, was determined to do some war corresponding in Spain. He started to make
arrangements with the United States for some special articles, but the studio jumped in
and soured the deal. Errol threatened that he would make arrangements with an English syndicate.
This he may have done.

Warners cabled him to be back here by April 15, to start the The Perfect Specimen.
I doubt if they actually had a picture ready for him, but hoped to get him back on the plea of urgency.
Miriam Hopkins has been announced for the co-starring spot in The Perfect Specimen, but that
announcement is quite premature, for she has not been signed for the role.

— Gentleman Tim


Dr. Who?

28 Mar

Given the Green Light by shangheinz on “Errorol”:


He was a “Harley Street” practitioner.

Early in his career, he pioneered and advocated the use of “truth drugs”.

He famously advocated one such drug in a French murder case.

Mid-career he was involved as an expert witness in a Hong Kong medical malpractice case.

He was later involved in a notorious British abortion/killing-of the-mother case.

He communicated from England to Errol elsewhere in Europe.

He had an indirect connection to the Profumo Affair.

Late in his career, he was quoted in Sports Illustrated concerning the abilities of women drivers.

He looked like this, but usually wore glasses during the years he treated Errol:

— Gentleman Tim


Errol’s Marauders

08 Mar


Inspired by the U.S. Army’s “Merrill’s Marauders”, Warner Bothers produced Operation Burma! in 1945. It’s an outstanding film and one of Errol’s personal favorites. Nevertheless, it backfired big time for Flynn, with Winston Churchill, Lord Mountbatten, enraged members of the British Army and citizenry, hurling personal attacks at Flynn, falsely accusing him of acting as if “he won the War single-handedly”.

See, for example, this article from just last week again mocks and maligns Errol and the movie (along with some other great films):…

Despite all these bitter complaints and attacks, however, Operation Burma! had a very strong and obvious connection to actual military operations of Merrill’s Marauders in Burma. As evidence, here is a National Archive video including 1944 news reel film which I believe likely inspired production of Operation Burma! Similarly, the second link is a transcription of a New York Times report further hailing the heroics of Merrill’s Marauders. Clearly, this unique operation in Burma was all very well and widely known and praised prior to the making of Operation Burma!.……

Here is a better, more informed and informative criticism of the film:…

I recently visited the outstanding World War II Museum in New Orleans and was very significantly impressed by their extensive exhibit on Merrill’s Marauders (Below are a couple of poorly-taken cell phone photos I took which fail to capture the very high quality of the museum and exhibit.) This exhibit serves to further confirm the profound actual and public relations impact Vinegar Joe Stillwell and Frank Merrill’s operations had against the Japanese in Burma, and on the American public.


SO, based on the unquestionably significant and heroic courage and accomplishments of Merrill’s Marauders, my question for all on both sides of the pond and beyond, is:

Was Errol and Operation Burma! wrongly and/or excessively criticized (or at least not properly or sufficiently credited) for this extraordinary war film?


— Gentleman Tim


Errol Flynn Laborde

28 Feb

During last night’s Mardi Gras (aka Lundi Gras) ceremonies, I thought I heard various call outs to “Errol” being made. Even once possibly to “Errol Flynn”. Naturally, I found this quite surprising and intriguing!

Having absolutely no clue who this Errol/Errol Flynn might be, I did some Flynnvestigation. As it turns out, Errol Flynn Laborde is a leading Mardi Gras historian, who was up on stage and apparently a key figure in the planning of this year’s events. Amazing coincidence!

Here’s an article and video including references to Monsieur Laborde.…

“Then while researching a book for the 125th anniversary of the Rex organization, famous local historian Errol Flynn Laborde discovered the truth behind these colors.”

— Gentleman Tim


Double Decker

04 Dec

The Astonishing Double Lives and Double Dealings of John Decker




— Gentleman Tim


Captain Blood

28 Oct

Much harder to find photos for this film that are not already common. I try to put only good quality photos here.

This is a great shot.

I wonder what they were thinking with this one?

Between takes

All extras for this photo while the stars are getting a massage.

— twinarchers


Robin Hood Matte Painting and Behind The Scenes.

24 Oct

Film Grab

A Beautiful woman on a narrow stairway.

This was probably during the ransom robbery feast scenes.

Before Curtiz took over.

Are those stand ins for the final shot?

What were they discussing?

Some of these I have never seen before.

— twinarchers



30 Sep


— Gentleman Tim


Errol @ Elmo’s – Freddie in France @ Florence’s

25 Sep

The King of Clubs


“Florence’s reputation was made when some disgruntled suitors beat up Freddy McEvoy, a playboy friend of Errol Flynn’s, in the club’s bathroom after Freddy refused to pay them their share for introducing Barbara Hutton to Count Raventlow, whom she subsequently married.”


Here’s Barbara and the Count:


And here’s Chez Florence. Before Bricky Smith and Josephine Baker, there was Florence Jones, “Queen of
Montmartre after Midnight”.


— Gentleman Tim