Who Tops Errol?

22 Jun

Born in Tasmania 110 years ago, Errol Flynn is still phenomenally famous and popular around the globe. Indeed, he may be the most internationally famous and popular Australian of all time.

If not, who tops him?

— Gentleman Tim


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Hah! NOBODY!!!!!

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Congratulations, Mate! That’s two quiz victories in a row!!

Could that be Errol applauding you in the front row, David?

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Well, of course, Errol may not always felt that way himself! Witness his experience of various projects where he felt HE delivered but the appreciation was NOT returned: Uncertain Glory, Objective Burma, Escape Me Never *, That Forsythe Woman, William Tell- to name a particular few. Just imagine how “invested” he was in each of these projects for different reasons and… I was reminded of a passage from “The Complete Films of Broderick Crawford”- lovingly created by one of our REAL authors, Ralph Schiller. In his exhaustive look into the movie career of Crawford, Schiller highlighted what he felt to… Read more »

Jean Negulesco originally was to helm the direction of Donnie J. He got demoted because of his idea on how to reinvent Errol on screen. Well, the rest is Hollywood Flynnstory..

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Thank-you Karl for those kind words. On ‘Escape me Never’ (1947) the critics were wrong. Errol Flynn is not the hero of the film. That role is played by Gig Young. Flynn’s character is a selfish and heartless sexual cad. In the scene where his brother, played by Young, beats the daylights out of him, the audience is rooting against Flynn because his character let his own child die. Some films and performances are truly ahead of their time. Ralph Schiller

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