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Winter Olympic Champion Freddie McEvoy

25 Feb

“I found that he complemented me. He was an athlete, a roisterer like myself, and he could be canny too, very. He had his eye for the main chance.”
Errol Flynn MWWW…

— Gentleman Tim


Nanette Fabray, dies at 97!

24 Feb


Costarred with Dame Olivia deHavilland in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex. She enjoyed a long and distinguished career in film, television and on stage.

— David DeWitt


The Olympiads

24 Feb

aka The Bundy Drive Boys and Hollywood Hellfire Club

John Barrymore

John Carradine

John Decker

W.C. Fields


Gene Fowler

Will Fowler

Sadahichi Hartmann

Ben Hecht

Norman Kerry

Thomas Mitchell

Alan Mowbray

Vincent Price

Anthony Quinn

Roland Young

— Gentleman Tim


White House matinee idol

22 Feb

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

although absent in this picture of the Who’s Who of Hollywood on the lawn of the US presidential palace, Errol did attend often. Even after his untimely death. How? Both presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronnie Reagan loved to show movies to a selected collection of guests. And Flynn was there in spirit as well as on the screen. Drumroll please, once you scroll down the lists and see their choice of favourite films here:…


— shangheinz


Tribute to Tony Thomas

20 Feb

Reminded recently by Jack Marino of his friend, Tony Thomas’s, preeminent contributions to the history of Flynn here is a recollection of his great work:


“This book is a complete record of Errol Flynn’s career from his first starring role in Captain Blood until his untimely death at fifty. All of his 58 films are here, with synopses, casts & credits, reviews of the more important vehicles, and hundreds of photos.”


Author of 30 books about movies and movie stars, Thomas here defends Flynn (1909-1959) against the charge made by Charles Higham in Errol Flynn: The Untold Story (1979) that the Hollywood swashbuckler, who played Captain Blood, Robin Hood, the Earl of Essex and Don Juan, was a Nazi spy. Thomas’s detailed examination of Higham’s evidence (including interviews with many original sources) convincingly shows that Higham quoted documents selectively, twisted witnesses’ words and made a flawed case based on guilt by association.

— Gentleman Tim


Hail to the Chiefs

19 Feb

A Presidents Day Tribute

— Gentleman Tim


In should’ve been Flynn 14

19 Feb

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

this is another possible missing masterpiece in Errol’s filmography due to a one punch (rather a rum punch) tussle with Canadian millionaire Duncan McMartin at the Windsor Hotel on the Bahamas. Our Hollywood hero would forever claim that his old back injury backfired on him and therefore he had to renounce the role of Albion Hamlin, a farmer-laywer, who handles the estate of title giving Lydia Bailey during the Haitian revolution.

The bahama court drama of was settled with a 14.000.- fine for the former flynntimo Duncun, who said the he could not remember but a pad on his old friend’s shoulder. A far cry of the initial quest of $230.000.- for the pain gained and the picture lost.

Tyrone Power also did turn down the Lydia lead, which went to Dale Robertson instead. The 180lb former prizefighter and WWII hero had been approached before for the movie “Golden boy”, but at that time DR saw his future in training polo ponies and indirectly launched the career of William Holden.

Director Jean Negulesco also had Flynn ties, since he was the second unit director of “Captain Blood”. Watch his work here:…
and form your own opinion on number fourteen of bygone opportunities.


— shangheinz


Going Postal. A Quiz.

17 Feb

The fellows in these fine photos were reported to have endorsed a letter together in the Forties which gained a great deal of national attention.

What was the content, purpose, and possible postal controversy of that letter?

— Gentleman Tim


Up To 140 Minutes Running Time

17 Feb

That’s if you believe YouTube. I have not done it before but films are made available on the black market before they are released for real and not in very good quality. If this is for real and it could be, there is very little info about this film. I would think that if there is at least a rough cut of it there should be more about it on the net but no. I advise Luke and company to check this out just in case.

— twinarchers


Mail Bag! Schooner Zaca Painting by Dan Gilmore!

16 Feb

Received a nice email from “Schooner4” (award winning artist Dan Gilmore) about his painting of the Zaca with some fisherman nearby available right now for bids on eBay. Wow! It is beautiful work …

Thanks, Dan!

— David DeWitt