Winter Olympic Medalist Freddie McEvoy

25 Feb

“I found that he complemented me. He was an athlete, a roisterer like myself, and he could be canny too, very. He had his eye for the main chance.”
Errol Flynn MWWW…

— Tim


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  1. shangheinz

    February 26, 2018 at 1:32 pm


    Are you ready for Freddie, Gemtlemac Tim? The legends about Flynn`s best man are legendary. Gunther Sachs, the German ex- millionary husband of Brigit Bardot and founder of St. Moritz` Vampire Club listed him as the top playboy. Baron von Fein Falz, best man of his best friend Count Troubetzkoy when marrying Barbara Hutton, said he was a puppy magnet, but you had to take him with a grain of caution. Mr. AcapulcoTeddy Stauffer, said he beat Errol at his own game in tennis, always putting the ball to his weak side- south of the border the three amigos were unseparable. Charles Bennett, Hitchcock`s Partner insuspense, watched McEvoy from the sidelines and detected a villain worthy of a James Bond adversary. He may have finally have met his match in Manfred Lentner, when his yacht sunk in a terrible tempest 100 yeards away from the Moroccoan coast. But this story merits a chapter of ist own…