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A Man of Many Talents

07 Jan

This man was an actor, athlete, and aviation pioneer, who once built something unique for Errol. He’s been called “the original British rock star.” A famous Hollywood star, used to work for his aviation business. Among many movies, he made very highly regarded ones with Bette Davis, Victor McLaglen, Leslie Howard, and Laurence Olivier. I could drone on but let’s just say he was A Man of Many Talents.

Who is he, what was it he built for Errol, and who was his famous future-star employee???



— Gentleman Tim


A moust have

06 Jan


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

let`s just post here pics of Errolesque actors that wore the must have moustache at least for a while, trial & error.


— shangheinz


Just A Nice Photo

05 Jan

— twinarchers


What 1 actor…

05 Jan

also appearing on the Perry Mason series, has a most unusual connection to Flynn. A quadruple threat in the arts: stage, screen, radio and (of course) television. Pondering the full import of his name, gives a strong indication as to not only a special location, but also its special contribution to a MOST SPECIAL film. Any one up for a SPECIAL challenge this evening?

— Karl


“Flynn in Focus on TCM” January 17, 2017

04 Jan

Quoting the Bucks County Courier Post:

"Flynn in Focus on TCM"

"Fans of swashbuckling favorite Errol Flynn have the opportunity on Jan. 17 to binge watch seven of his favorite films.

The film-lover’s network Turner Classic Movies will begin airing the titles beginning at 6 a.m. that day.

According to TCM’s detailed Now Playing: A Viewer’s Gide to Turner Classic Movies, the titles will be:"

"Adventures of Don Juan”, with Viveca Lindfors in the breezy version of the legendary lover charged with saving his queen from treason. Vincent Sherman directed. (1948; 6 a.m.)


“Captain Blood”, with Olivia De Havilland in Flynn’s star-making role as a doctor-turned-pirate. Michael Curtiz directed. (1935; 8 a.m.)


“Kim“, with Dean Stockwell in an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s tale of an orphaned boy and his adventures with the British Army. Victor Saville directed. (1950; 10 a.m.)


“Northern Pursuit”
, with Julie Bishop in a thriller about a Mountie tracking a Nazi flyer through the Canadian wilderness. Raoul Walsh directed. (1943; noon)


“The Prince and the Pauper
”, with Claude Rains in an adaptation of a Mark Twain tale about a prince who changes places with a peasant boy. William Keighley directed. (1937; 1:45 p.m.)


“The Adventures of Robin Hood”, with Basil Rathbone in the ultimate version of the story about a hero who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Curtiz directed. (1938; 3:45 p.m.)


“The Sea Hawk”
, with Claude Raines in the adventure epic about a British buccaneer who challenges the Spanish fleet. Curtis directed. (1940; 5:30 p.m.)



“For Flynn fans, binge watching these titles ranks as a great way to kick off 2017.”

— Gentleman Tim


Passed in 2016 …

02 Jan

Did I miss it or did no one report on the fact that 2 Flynn alumni, from his very last dramatic appearance (The Golden Shanty), passed last year:

Patricia Barry (Adie Walker)

Arthur Hiller (Director) below with Errol.

  • golden-shanty_correct-ar

— Karl


What Two TV Stars …

02 Jan


… appeared in a successful TV series together and… also, separately, had screen appearances in some Errol Flynn films: one of them twice, and the other 6 times (though actually there were 7 only this actor’s scenes were deleted).


One began film career in 1916; the other had a diverse job career: ranch hand, a deputy sheriff, photo salesman, and a singer in night clubs before beginning a film career.

One appeared in over 100s film in the course of his career; the other more than 50.

One worked with Hitchcock, the other with Bogie 8 times.

In the 50s one appeared in a seminal Sci Fi film that led to a number of “sequels”, the other appeared in a landmark teen film.

One’s final film appearance was with a bombshell of the 60s. The other a fondness for flowers and grapes in this actor’s later life.

That’s a start…

Quiz By Karl Holmberg.

— David DeWitt


Sean In The News

01 Jan

I have what I call, my “Magic Box”,  with it you can get any film, program, music, whatever one can ever imagine with a click of finger, including movies that are in the theaters now.  (not sure if I should mention that?) – In any case out of the thousands of Apps I can pick from, I have one that I truly adore; all on documentaries, any flavor one can imagine. War docs., Classic Film docs. Bios, etc. are on the top of my list.

In search of a Vietnam doc I ran into one I had never seen before, It was a bad copy, yet I watched it as it was with Sean Flynn in Vietnam reporting live (I believe) to Chet Huntley in New York NBC.                                 Although I watched the whole program, I thought I would check online in seeing if I could find a better copy, and I did, of course its on Youtube.

I am probably the last to see this as I am sure you all have,  but just in case anyone else here has not, I thought I would post the link anyway.

It’s still tragic in knowing this fine young man was killed in the manner we think he was. If Errol had still been alive, I feel pretty confident he would have made a difference in getting his son back alive, or if all else his body, so Sean could have received a proper burial, and maybe have bene laid next to his dad.

Here is the link:…

— Sergio


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A Happy New Year to All!

01 Jan


— Gentleman Tim