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Errol Flynn – Lady Killer

24 Dec


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Dive Bomber Quiz

21 Dec

For all devoted Dive Bomber students and scholars:

Dive Bomber student gif

Anyone know the manufacturer and nomenclature of the planes in this photo with Lt. Lee?

Errol on a Scooter during Dive Bomber

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Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Fighting Lady/Air Group 5

20 Dec

In addition to planes from Air Groups 5 & 6, the USS Yorktown’s Air Group 5 was also included in Dive Bomber, most prominently so when Errol pays tribute to Fred MacMurray at the red tailed plane near the end of the movie. “The Fighting Lady” was sunk in the Battle of Midway, only a year after filming at Coronado.

Here’s a spectacular aerial of the USS Yorktown (aka “The Fighting Lady”) & USS Enterprise at and off North Island Navy Air Base a couple of years prior to the War. (I believe I can see my first and second San Diego residences in this photo, though the first is a bit smudged up! The photo, that is, not the residence.)

uss yorktown with north island

USS Yorktown with air group

uss york town with air group

Here’s a great newsreel featuring The Yorktown “gallantly fighting Jap Zeroes” in “History as it Happened” the Battle of the Coral Sea:

The Story of The Yorktown:

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Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Sara’s Air Group 3 – Navy Ace Butch O’Hare

19 Dec

The USS Saratoga was at Bremerton Shipyard during filming of Dive Bomber. While it was there, however, it’s Air Group 3 was detached to the USS Enterprise in San Diego and nearby North Island Air Base on Coronado, thereby making it possible for it’s aircraft to be included it the film. Most famously, Navy pilot Butch O’Hare was part of Air Group 3 at that time, took part in the movie, and, less than a year later, won the Medal of Honor. The busiest airport in the world is now named after him , O’Hare International. Watch the fascinating on video below on Butch O’Hare. Legend has it Al Capone killed his Dad.

The Saratoga was on it’s way to San Diego from Bremerton when Pearl Harbor was attacked.


uss_saratoga plaque


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Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Big E/Air Group 6

19 Dec

The USS Enterprise was filmed for Dive Bomber in the Spring of 1941, with Bull Halsey overseeing operations. Word is Bull did not kowtow to Kurtiz and wasn’t thrilled about having to have Hollywood hanging about his ship and crew, but bigwigs in Washington wanted this film, correctly believing it would be a hugely successful recruiting film. Bull, in turn, was very correctly anticipating and preparing for possible war in the Pacific. This is why many of the Air Groups’ aircraft (the Enterprise’s and Saratoga’s) are painted gray, rather than the much more colorful pre-war colors. At the request of Warner Brothers, some planes retained their original colors until completion of filming.

Uss E and titles

uss enterprise air group

USS Enterprise

Air Group Six Yearbook

USS Enterprise plane

Uss Enterprise B&W

USS Enterprise with Vindicators

Air Group Flying……

For Great Clips of the Big E and Air Group 6 in Dive Bomber:

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Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Brewster F2A Buffalo

19 Dec

The Wrong Stuff. Regarded Weak by the US, but Strong to the Finnish.…

Brewster in flight


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Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Helldiver

18 Dec

The Curtiss SBC Helldiver…

Curtiss SBC Helldiver

Curtiss LIFE

curtiss-sbc-4-hell-diver schematic

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Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Grumman F3F

18 Dec

The Navy’s Last Bi-Plane Fighter…

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Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Devastator

18 Dec…

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Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Vindicator

18 Dec

The Vought SB2U Vindicator Dive Bomber…

From the Opening Scenes of Errol’s “Dive Bomber”

Vindicators Opening scene

WWII Carrier Landing of Vindicator:

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