Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Fighting Lady/Air Group 5

20 Dec

In addition to planes from Air Groups 5 & 6, the USS Yorktown’s Air Group 5 was also included in Dive Bomber, most prominently so when Errol pays tribute to Fred MacMurray at the red tailed plane near the end of the movie. “The Fighting Lady” was sunk in the Battle of Midway, only a year after filming at Coronado.

Here’s a spectacular aerial of the USS Yorktown (aka “The Fighting Lady”) & USS Enterprise at and off North Island Navy Air Base a couple of years prior to the War. (I believe I can see my first and second San Diego residences in this photo, though the first is a bit smudged up! The photo, that is, not the residence.)

uss yorktown with north island

USS Yorktown with air group

uss york town with air group

Here’s a great newsreel featuring The Yorktown “gallantly fighting Jap Zeroes” in “History as it Happened” the Battle of the Coral Sea:

The Story of The Yorktown:…

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