Warbirds of “Dive Bomber” – The Sara’s Air Group 3 – Navy Ace Butch O’Hare

19 Dec

The USS Saratoga was at Bremerton Shipyard during filming of Dive Bomber. While it was there, however, it’s Air Group 3 was detached to the USS Enterprise in San Diego and nearby North Island Air Base on Coronado, thereby making it possible for it’s aircraft to be included it the film. Most famously, Navy pilot Butch O’Hare was part of Air Group 3 at that time, took part in the movie, and, less than a year later, won the Medal of Honor. The busiest airport in the world is now named after him , O’Hare International. Watch the fascinating on video below on Butch O’Hare. Legend has it Al Capone killed his Dad.

The Saratoga was on it’s way to San Diego from Bremerton when Pearl Harbor was attacked.


uss_saratoga plaque


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