Was Errol in Abdul the Damned?

20 Jul
    Some say so. Some say no.

    What say you?…

    Is he the palace guard on our far left?


    Thank you for all the great previous research on this topic, from Karl Holmberg, Tom McNulty, Tina, Brian Twist, Gerry Connelly, et al. This post is intended not to challenge or replace any of their superb research on this topic, rather to bring attention to it and to see if there are any updates and/or new perspectives regarding this Flynnian mystery. Thank you All.

    Please see the following EFB post from 2010:…

    — Gentleman Tim


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Hi Tim;
I am glad you found this book in which it proofs that it was Errol.
I always believed it was him and he did work as an EXTRA where ever he could find it.
Just look at the ears – are they Errol ears or not!
When the movie was filmed in October 1935 Errol was still in England.
By the way what is in the book “Huston”?

Here are some close-ups I made from the picture:

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