Errol’s Hollywood Homes, Houses, Haunts, Hangouts & Hideaways

02 Dec

Based on prior research and previous visits, I endeavored this past Thanksgiving weekend to visit as many sites as I could that I connected to (and reportedly connected to) to Errol’s time in Hollywood. Naturally – being the Olympian that he was – there was now way I could visit, find, or even know all of Errol’s homes, houses, haunts, hangouts and hideaways, but I gave it the old college try. This Grand Tour of Flynnland included stops in Laguna, Newport Beach, Balboa, Hollywood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Burbank & Glendale.

Below are some of the specific addresses/locations I visited, with very brief descriptions for each. I plan to add brief stories related to some of these in near future. And, please, if anyone has any additions, information, stories, insight, corrections, clarifications, or comments, please do add them. That would be great! Many of these need further investigation and analysis! Thanks.

Specific Addresses Associated with Errol

8946 Appian Way – Tiger Lil’s Lair, On the Crest of Lookout Mountain
4320 Cedarhurst Circle – The Cedars
9250 Cordell Drive – Home Errol Bought for Eddington Family
5930 Franklin Avenue – Chateau Elysee
2000 No. Fuller Avenue – The Pines (Guesthouse)
7245 Hillside Avenue – Reported Residence
6654 Hollywood Boulevard – Walk of Fame Star (Motion Pictures)
7008 Hollywood Boulevard – Walk of Fame Star (Television)
1714 Ivar Avenue – Knickerbocker Hotel
2450 Laurel Canyon Boulevard – Reputed Location for Parties
2451 Laurel Canyon Boulevard – Reputed Location for Parties
7740 Mulholland Drive – Mulholland Farm
1652 North Cherokee Avenue – Boardner’s Bar
601 North Linden Drive – Roz Russel Home, rented by Errol & Niv
801 North Linden Drive – Private Home, Association Unknown to Me
3400 Riverside Drive – Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank
1357 Schuyler Road – Allegedly Built By Errol, But Unconfirmed
1712 South Glendale Avenue – Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale
345 St. Pierre Road – Colleen Moore’s Mansion in Bel Air
1709 Tropical Avenue – Resided with Lili
6525 West Sunset Boulevard – Hollywood Athletic Club
8152 West Sunset Boulevard – The Garden of Allah
8221 West Sunset Boulevard – Chateau Marmont
8245 West Sunset Boulevard – Private Home, Association Unknown to Me
8358 West Sunset Boulevard – Sunset Towers

Locations without Specific Addresses

Balboa Yacht Basin (Newport Beach)
Three Arches Beach (Laguna Beach)

Here’s a set of hidden-from-public-view famous member photos security showed me and let me take a photo of inside the Hollywood Athletic Club:

Members of the HAC

And here’s a current view of Errol’s resting place at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale:


— Gentleman Tim


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Holy Mackerel, what a line-up. Is that Chaplin alongside John Wayne, Tyrone Power, Buster Crabbe, Clark Gable, Gilbert Roland, Mary Pickford and John Barrymore??? (I don’t recognize the other blonde; is it Jean Harlow?) I know Johnny Weissmuller was also a member. Oh, to have seen him race Crabbe. I would have loved to seen the unspoiled Hollywood in its Golden Age.

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Wow what a great ‘Errol Expedition’ to go on,that must have been lots of fun,I really envy you to be there to do it.That is wonderful. :)

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Charlie looked like Fairbanks to me and Mary was beside him. I was wondering what that figurine represented and what is the vine on the wall behind it? Oh I see Charlie now behind the flash?

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That’s the great Gilbert Roland next to Mary. Gilbert had a terrific duel with Errol in “The Sea Hawk” and really should have played Zorro in “The Mark of Zorro”. Later in his career, he played Zorro’s father in the excellent television remake starring Frank Langella. Here’s the same photo you see next to Mary.
comment image" alt="a>" />

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Hi Tim:
Here is 9250 Cordell Drive Nora’s home at the beginning of their marriage and later sold to Paul Lynde.
Fabulous home but I am sure it did not look like this in Errol’s time.…

I made a screen shot of the house today – Google maps, with workman outside the house.
Here it is:comment image

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