Happy New Year from Jim Turiello!

31 Dec

Errol cover

— David DeWitt


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Happy New Year to All, may it be a prosperous and healthy one!

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Happy New Year and may it be to all of you a healthy, lucky and a happy one!

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This group has brought so much pleasure to this blog in 2012 and I have merely been a beneficiary. Thank you for the magnificent contributions. May you all have a fantastic 2013!!

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I am putting a link here since the YouTube date is from last December. I did not know of this program so was glad to find it. I just started watching it and thought I would link it up here so you can do a proper announcement yourself David.
Narrated by Christopher Lee and no, this is only a few years old. The Fast And Furious Life Of Errol Flynn.…

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My wife and I watched this last night after I posted the link and I saw many films and photos I have never seen before and let me tell you that is saying alot since I have been a Flynn fan since my father introduced me to him in the 1960’s. I have been surfing the net ever since it has been available and many photos are new to me. Jack Marino and Lincoln Hurst among others are interiewed as well as Christopher Lee showing his Flynn war wound. I think this was a BBC Austrailia broadcast but should be… Read more »

I think you can also get it on DVD, it’s a good documentary, but strangely enough, it’s completely leaving out the Northampton period! You are right about the rare pictures and partly footage (although, I think, the stuff in “Adventures of Errol Flynn” is even more spectacular), and I LOVE the music by Pink Martini!

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