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The transformation – how was it done?

20 Jan

I always wondered what do movie studios do to transform their new contract players into stars? Has anybody any ideas?

Errol arriving in Hollywood:
From this:

To this:

— Tina


What was the original idea of Jack Warner to groom Errol into?

19 Nov


Errol arriving fresh from England to conquer Hollywood!

In the Golden Age of Hollywood when starlets were taken under contract the first thing studios did was to establish how to fit them into a mold to suit their movie making plans. Grooming, reinventing and molding them was prime!
So what did Jack Warner had in mind with Errol?

— Tina


A Kitty Packard Pictorial of Errol Flynn

16 Jun

Hello Flynn Fans!
I thought I post this link as it is a very nice write-up about Errol.…

— Tina


Here is an Australian Team named after Errol’s cat, Bes Mudi

13 Mar

Here is a article I just came across today on the internet that a team from Australia named a team after Errol’s cat.  I think this is cool to have a sports team named after Errol’s cat, Bes Mudi.

The team’s name is Bes Mudi Bandits and here is the link to the page…..…


— Mary Ann


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