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Hollywood — April 16, 1944

16 Apr

Photo above taken in 1936 at the Los Angeles Tennis Club

— Gentleman Tim


Errol Meets Erben — April 14, 1933

15 Apr

On April 14, 1933, in Salamaua, New Guinea, Errol met Hermann Erben for the first time. It was a momentous event in Errol’s life.

— Gentleman Tim


Fifty-One Years Ago Today — April 6, 1970

06 Apr

“On April 6th, 1970, Sean Flynn, son of Hollywood legend Errol Flynn, was working as a war photographer when he set off on his motorbike from Phnom Penh with fellow journalist Dana Stone to cover the expansion of the conflict into Cambodia. They were never seen again.”

— Gentleman Tim


Bienvenida a America

03 Apr

April 3, 1945

Nora and Deirdre arrive in Burbank from Mexico.

— Gentleman Tim


Remembering Grandma

02 Apr

Luke Flynn’s celebration of the life of Patrice Wymore was held on April 2, 2014, at 5:00 pm, at the Errol Flynn Marina, in Portland, Jamaica

Knight and Day (Gloria and Doris) in Tea for Two. What Patrice was watching when she died.

— Gentleman Tim



12 Mar

— Gentleman Tim


The (Grand) Son Also Rises

09 Mar

March 9, 2003
The New York Times Magazine

“A quiet spot by the Jamaica seashore, looking out at the activity in the ocean, hearing the wind sob with the beauty and the tragedy of everything.”

Errol’s Diary: April 4, 1954, Boston Estate, Jamaica

— Gentleman Tim


Happy Birthday to Nora!

25 Feb

Errol’s beautiful wife, Nora, was born as Lenora Verna Eddington on February 25, 1924, in Chicago, at 3:45 pm. Happy Birthday, Nora!

— Gentleman Tim


Operation Burma!

17 Feb

USA Release on February 17, 1945

Rory on Op Burma & the Baron:

The Operation Burma! Trailer

— Gentleman Tim


Flynn, James Flynn — Lookin’ Like Flynn

18 Jan

Was he Errol’s son?

All evidence and opinions welcome….

— Gentleman Tim

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