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Happy Birthday to Nora!

25 Feb

Errol’s beautiful wife, Nora, was born as Lenora Verna Eddington on February 25, 1924, in Chicago, at 3:45 pm. Happy Birthday, Nora!

— Gentleman Tim


Operation Burma!

17 Feb

USA Release on February 17, 1945

Rory on Op Burma & the Baron:

The Operation Burma! Trailer

— Gentleman Tim


Flynn, James Flynn — Lookin’ Like Flynn

18 Jan

Was he Errol’s son?

All evidence and opinions welcome….

— Gentleman Tim


Happy Birthday, Deirdre! January 10

10 Jan

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On the Fourth Day of Christmas 🎁🎁🎁🎁

28 Dec

On the fourth day of Christmas

Errol gave to us

One golden film.

The Captain Blood premiere..

A club of four-hundred frauleins…

And a visit to Sydney from a very famous singer….!

December 28, 1963

Sydney Morning Herald

American Singer Arrives

The American singer Dick Haymes, for years a close friend of Australian-born actor Errol Flynn, arrived in Sydney to see his friend’s birthplace. Haymes said he and Flynn had often talked about Australia, and they had planned to make a visit together before Flynn’s death. Haymes, now 45, arrived at Kingsford Smith Airport by T.A.A. from Perth. He expects to find time to see Sydney beaches during his 28-day appearance at Chequers night club.*

* Chequers was one of the hottest night clubs in the world, the Copacabana of Down Under.


First, he sang Errol’s song!

Then he married Errol’s Nora!!

Then he went to “Errol’s birthplace”...

— Gentleman Tim


John Flynn – Errol’s Granddad – A Cordial Man

17 Dec

Supplied from Coraki, On the Shortest Notice, Anywhere on the Richmond River

Circa December 1883

“The Richmond River has its source on the southern slope of Mount Lindesay in the McPherson Range on the Queensland – New South Wales border. From here the river flows south-east through Kyogle, Casino, Coraki and Woodburn before turning north-east and reaching the sea at Ballina. Over its course of 237 kilometres it descends 256 metres. Twelve major creeks or rivers enter the Richmond River system along with numerous smaller watercourses. The river’s catchment area is estimated at 6,862 square kilometres.”

1889 Map including Coraki and the Richmond River

— Gentleman Tim


In Memorium … Our Dear Trudy McVicker!

14 Nov

Our dear sweet soul Trudy McVicker has passed, aged 87 …

Friend to all of us on The Errol Flynn Blog, and a friend of Earl Conrad, and everybody who knew her, she was in attendance at Jack & Louise Marino’s Centennial Party for Errol Flynn in 2009 where we all had a chance to meet and be instantly charmed by this lovely woman who we now hold in our hearts in a new way … what a blessing she was to all of us!


TP McNulty Remembering our dear friend Trudy McVicker: Trudy once said to me that she wondered if people go to the place they loved the most, and see again the people they loved the most when they die. She hoped that was the way it works out, that when we die we all get to be in some wonderful place we dreamed of with our most cherished friends and family. Trudy is with a Tasmanian swashbuckler now, and of her many friends, I know of several late writer friends she held in high regard, and you can bet their conversations are fascinating. Nothing I post here does Trudy justice, and in fact, she told me not to do this type of thing, because she knew there would be enough of that “type of thing” from certain others, so this will be my only public statement (for now) at her request. She was one of a kind. Wherever she is, there are mysteries to unravel, incredible characters to observe, and laughter to be had. She once described to me the rainfall hitting the sidewalks as being like “shiny dimes tossed into the street.” She told me how once, years ago, she watched a traveling carnival set up in town; and how it changed from a parade of grimy, gasoline smelling machines into a multi-colored light show of spinning Ferris wheels with a calliope whistling and sputtering steam to the delight of crowds of dancing children, and how amazing and wonderful it all was. She viewed the world as a wonderful place to explore, and so she did. Of the photos I’ve posted here, you’ll see her glass menagerie on her windowsill. This was a work in progress. She loved the way the light changed as it came through the trees and then touched the glass, illuminating even more of this incredible world we live in. May the wind be at your back, dear Trudy, and may the road rise up to meet you. That tall man up the path looks familiar. Why, yes, I’ve seen that grin before. He’s a good fellow, well met, and he has some stories to tell. As they walk up the hillside together I can well imagine the laughter echoing into the golden afternoon, and then, quite slowly, we fade out. Peace.

Thanks for sharing Tom & Jan McNulty …

— David DeWitt


DeMarrying Mr. MacEvoy

29 Oct


~ “In 1940, Freddie MacEvoy married Beatrice Cartwright, an heiress to the Standard Oil fortune. He and Beatrice (twice his age) had lived together at the Badrutt Palace in St. Moritz for several winters, prior to their marriage. One year, McEvoy brought a much younger model to “care for him,” explaining to Cartwright that he must have a younger lover than her. The marriage lasted two years, and in the same year they were divorced, he married Irene Wrightsman, the 18-year-old daughter of the president of Standard Oil of Kansas.”

October 29, 1942

The Daily News (Perth, Australia)

Here’s the Wiley Mr. MacEvoy with Buster Wiles, three months later…


Four years later…

August 29, 1946

The Daily News (New York, New York)

~ “During the Forties, Freddie often stayed in Mexico City with Countess Dorothy di Frasso, one of Freddie’s most generous patrons. Di Frasso spread his fame among her friends for his bedroom performances, which she said was worth all the money she gave him.

In 1945, McEvoy began a long-running affair with the wealthy heiress, Barbara Hutton. Hutton agreed with di Frasso concerning Freddie’s skills, considering him a superb lover, and felt that he understood women better than any man she had ever met. They later lived together at a fashionable ski chalet in Franconia, New Hampshire, which Hutton bought for McEvoy. They never married but remained friends throughout his life.

McEvoy eventually married French fashion model Claude Stephanie Filatre. On November 7, 1951 they were sailing on his 104-ton schooner, Kangaroo, near Cap Cantin off the coast of Morocco when a storm hit. The ship went down, but Freddie lashed his wife and maid to the mast, and then swam to shore seeking help. But he was unable to find any assistance and swam back out to the mast. He and Claude Stephanie then began swimming to shore, but she was unable to make it. He attempted to tow her to shore, but the waves pulled them to sea, they crashed against the rocks, and were not seen alive again. Their bodies were recovered the next day.

Earlier in ’51, Vincent Van Spartacus was making a play for Irene…

— Gentleman Tim


Tribute to T. T. Flynn, Ph.D.

24 Oct

October 11, 1883 – October 24, 1968

Tasmania’s First Professor of Biology…

Thank you very much to Philip for his previous posting of the audio above on the EFB.

— Gentleman Tim


Errol’s Femmes Carry On

16 Oct

— Pasadena Independent – October 16, 1959 —

— New York Daily News – October 16, 1959 —

— Gentleman Tim