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New Errol Flynn Book

17 Dec

Here is the book cover.  It is being published by Globe Pequot, and the release date is August 1, 2021.

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New Errol Flynn Book

16 Dec

I recently had the opportunity to review Robert Florczak’s book, Errol Flynn-The illustrated Life Chronology.

In short, it is amazing.

It provides the reader an opportunity to go back in time and experience the life of Errol Flynn in a detailed, visual fashion allowing one to feel a connection to Flynn not previously attained from any other source.  This book is a solid, factual piece of work correcting all previous misinformation so often repeated by others.  For those of us with an unquenchable desire to learn more about this subject matter, prepare to be quenched.

Robert has worked hard for years to produce this bountiful repertoire on Flynn.  Like most works of art, those who benefit have no concept of the number of years and 1000’s of hours of painstaking and critically detailed work that is required to produce such a masterpiece.

This book shall serve as the bible for all Flynn fans going forward both young and old.  It also provides a clearer insight into the tragedy that was Flynn’s life and was the man.  It details the rollercoaster life of a true adventurer who had no idea what was in store for him, and, as each decade unfolded, it became apparent that this rollercoaster of a life with its drastic ups and downs, would end suddenly and way too soon.  Finishing the book, you may feel the glow of connecting to Flynn personally as if you have traveled back to see him on his terms and in his time.

You, my fellow Flynn fans, are in store for a real treat.

In conclusion, I am purposefully omitting details about the book allowing each of you to discover, as I did, Robert’s clear and unadulterated presentation of the life lived by Errol Flynn all on your own.

Thank You, Robert.


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We Welcome New Author Laura Miceli to The Errol Flynn Blog!

23 Sep

Great to have you with us Laura!

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Maid Marian again …

09 Mar

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Thank You

06 Jul

vancouvergarden poolI have viewed the blog but never posted. Thank you David and all of the members for your wonderful posts, facts and pictures. What I lack in knowledge I will make up for with enthusiasm.

Does anyone know the location of the pool shots with Errol and Beverly? I have read the Garden of Allah but the pools don’t seem to match. Thank you in advance and Best Wishes,Garden-of-Allah

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