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An Errol Flynn recollection by actor Richard Erdman.

23 Jun…

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Guide To The Sadakichi Hartman Papers UC Riverside

02 May…

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Errol and Paulette Goddard

02 Jan

Happy 2010 Everyone! I ran across this photo of Errol and Paulette Goddard while surfing the web this evening, thought I'd share it here~


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Book Quote

06 Oct

Hello All,

I recently purchased a book entitled “Reporters: Memoirs of A Young Newspaperman”, by Will Fowler, the son of Gene Fowler. In it, he mentions Errol Flynn several times. David thought perhaps you’d like the following quote, taken from page 111.

“Shortly before Flynn’s death, he showed my father his “My Wicked Wicked Ways” manuscript, in which the perfidious prank of “stealing John Barrymore’s body” was fantasized. I had also read it, and when Flynn phoned pop for his critique, my father asked why he’d written the odious squib. The actor (who had been heavily into drugs and alcohol at the time) said: “I just wrote it in for laughs because that’s what I wish my friends would do for me directly after my final curtain.”


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The Good. The Bad. The Higham-Hawg

30 May

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Bobby Mauch

22 Oct
Bobby Mauch 1921-2007


BOBBY MAUCH (Prince) with his twin brother BILLY
in the film

MAUCH, Robert J. “Bob” – Passed away in Santa Rosa on October 15, 2007 at the age of 86. Loving husband of Georgia S. Mauch; adored twin brother of the late William H. Mauch; dear uncle of William J. Mauch, II. Born in Peoria, IL, he grew up and lived most of his life in the Los Angeles area. Bob was a child actor, and with his twin William, acted in the original Errol Flynn movie “The Prince and the Pauper.” He went on to become a film editor, working on many film projects and shows. He was a film editor for the “Dragnet” series for many years. Bob was a former member of the Screen Actors Guild and the Film Editors Guild. No formal services will be held. Just remember his talent, his love of a good story, and all of the memories he leaves behind. DANIELS CHAPEL OF THE ROSES FUNERAL AND CREMATION SERVICES 707-525-3730

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How I Became a Flynn Fan

15 Mar

Many years ago, when I was a young lad of 20-ish, I was working at my first job at a local printing plant. A co-worker and I were talking about old movies and movie stars, when he mentioned Errol Flynn. I'd only heard of him in passing, probably because of Robin Hood. I'd never even seen an Errol Flynn movie. My friend lent me his copy of My Wicked Wicked Ways. Well, I read the book, and was instantly hooked. So I read it again. Before long, I found a copy for myself. I asked mom and my aunts about him. They remembered him of course, but didn't know too much about him.

I then began scouring the TV for any Errol Flynn movies. Back then we were blessed with three stations….not including PBS. The movie output of those three stations was, shall we say….few and far between. Then late one Friday night, I managed to get a very snowy Detroit station to come in, and they were showing Charge Of The Light Brigade! Finally, there was Errol Flynn!!….for about 30 minutes, till the station signal faded away. But that was a start. Not long after, the same station came in again, and this time I managed to see Cry Wolf.

Later, after moving to town, cable became available. Then I was able to see several other Flynn movies, and later Portrait Of A Swashbuckler on the Biography Channel. I purchased several more books about Errol over the years, by Tony Thomas, Buster Wiles, Earl Conrad, George Morris, Michael Freedland, and best of all, Thomas McNulty's fabulous book. There was one other, that won't be mentioned…

And thanks to David DeWitt, another chapter of Flynn information, photos, stories and articles once again remind me of that day, four score and ten years ago, when I first became aware of our Mr. Flynn!

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The Bust Of Errol Flynn

22 Feb

Many years ago, my wife and I were visiting the small village of Grand Rapids, Ohio. It is an old town, situated on the Miami and Erie Canal, dating back to the mid 1800s. The downtown is filled with craft stores, antiques, and restaurants; a good place to spend a Sunday afternoon, browsing.


We entered a ceramic shop, as my wife enjoyed painting, and one of her hobbies was ceramics. I noticed on one shelf a series of small busts of various Hollywood stars. One caught my eye, after seeing Gable, Astaire, and Karloff, I noticed another well-known face…. Errol Flynn. Having been a Flynn fan now for several years, I just had to have one. My wife agreed to paint it for me; so away we went with my new prize.


Soon, Errol Flynn adorned my bookcase, in his Don Juan shirt, painted red, looking suave and debonair. It remained there for several years. During that time, our son Nickolas was born. After he was a bit older, his bedroom was moved upstairs. Next to his bed stood the bookcase where Errol resided. After awhile, we would notice the bust had been moved, and was facing the books. I would turn it around, then later notice it was once again turned backwards. By then Nickolas was about 3 years old. When questioned about it, he informed us that he didn’t care for that “man staring at him all night”, which solved the mystery of the moving bust for us.


Errol has since moved downstairs. He now resides in our computer room, where he oversees my typing and e-mailing, from atop another bookcase. Nickolas is 17 now, but still remembers being glared at. And every now and then, I find Errol is facing backwards. Nickolas denies it, of course.




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20 Feb

Back in 2004, I met via the Internet a wonderful fellow by the name of David DeWitt. I’d purchased a CD on e-bay for a collection of radio shows from him. We began a correspondence afterward, about Errol Flynn; next thing I know, we become fast friends, separated by miles only, with a seemingly endless supply of things to talk about.
David introduced me to other Flynn fans, and also steered me towards several other interesting books, and I was able to obtain copies of each, one of which was written by Errol’s stunt double and friend, Buster Wiles. It was, and is, a great book to be sure. I became curious about Buster, and learned that he passed away two years after the book came out in 1988.
One of my hobbies is genealogy. Last fall I answered a request for a lady living in Beaverton, Oregon who was looking for ancestors that lived here. I was able to find the graves at the cemetery for her and send photos. She was very grateful and asked if she could do anything for me. On a lark, I asked her if she could check on Buster for obituary, and possibly locate his resting place. Before long, she wrote back, and sent me the newspaper notice for Buster, and also traveled to Skyline Memorial Gardens in Beaverton, and found Buster’s resting place for me, and sent some great photographs from the cemetery. I thought it rather fitting that we know where one of Errol’s best friends, and true supporters now reposes.

— Bob