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06 Oct

Hello All,

I recently purchased a book entitled “Reporters: Memoirs of A Young Newspaperman”, by Will Fowler, the son of Gene Fowler. In it, he mentions Errol Flynn several times. David thought perhaps you’d like the following quote, taken from page 111.

“Shortly before Flynn’s death, he showed my father his “My Wicked Wicked Ways” manuscript, in which the perfidious prank of “stealing John Barrymore’s body” was fantasized. I had also read it, and when Flynn phoned pop for his critique, my father asked why he’d written the odious squib. The actor (who had been heavily into drugs and alcohol at the time) said: “I just wrote it in for laughs because that’s what I wish my friends would do for me directly after my final curtain.”


— Bob


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  1. Anonymous

    October 8, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    I thought everyone knew that was one of Errol's best-know pranks: that there wasn't a grain of truth in it. Flynn did admire Barrymore but as he told me one night while we were sitting around in slippers and robes, Flynn puffing happily on his favorite pipe (see photo in my Googie books), his feelings for the old codger were built on respect for John's one-time acting ability. Unlike Errol, who was very insecure about his acting and felt he'd never been allowed to show his real worth (he did later in his last few films), Barrymore was considered a great Shakespearean actor and coming from such a reverred family (Lionel and Ethel were great pros and much admired) was always considered one of the acting royalty. Flynn emulated him in many ways, some good, some bad, but his love for Barrymore was genuine. Otherwise he would have kicked John out for urinating out the window of Errol's house. Best, Steve