A Few Firsts for Flynn!

22 May

Topper MacKay provides a first installment of some looks inside his two volume book on dear ‘ol Errol: “Errol Flynn, Movie Star” …


The following  excerpts speak for themselves as they appeared in the book . The first U.S. magazine cover. January 31, 1936. The first overseas cover.  April 12, 1936. There may have been a dispute about the first one overseas, since the French magazine Cinemonde included a free paper supplement in their regular issue of Feb, 20, 1936. It did not appear on the magazine’sactual cover for that issue. Here is the flyer that was added though I am submitting it for reference only and did not include this insert in the book.

And the first U.S. magazine article with an Errol Flynn byline. August 9, 1936.





— David DeWitt


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  1. shangheinz

    May 23, 2023 at 7:42 am

    Topper you are tops! Another great publication on our Hollywood hero & villain. This comes in part also thanks to you, David, who with this blog keeps the flame of Errol alive. We, the flynnmates, are spoiled with insightful books on Flynn being published what seems like every year now. Each adding to the legacy. Last year saw Robert‘s Opus Magnificus emerge, this year Topper‘s One- Two punch, next year…?