In the Den of Cap‘n Don

Dear Flynnstones,

Errol attracted the most colorful characters. Don Dickerman, being one of them, came in Technicolor. He thought of himself, dressed and behaved like a pirate.

In addition he opened several nightclubs in various cities called “Pirate‘s Den“.

Flynn fronted Don the money for the outlet in LA along with several other celebrities.

The den had a pen to put damsels in distress. Once a beautiful piratess had been captured and put behind the makeshift bars, she had one way to escape- scream as loud as she could. That would set her free and even get her a screaming diploma.

The Den took a dive, when one of the true life buccaneer waiters overcharged a highschool kid. The club never recovered from billhauling and from then on had the reputation of a real cutthroat venue.

Don though would be rewarded for his constant cultural appropriation with a role of a…in “The Sea Hawk“




— shangheinz

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