Mulholland House

28 Dec

Dear Flynnmates,

“How is all this?”, wondered Errol Flynn  in a home story for an architectural magazine about his new built house at 7740 Mulholland Drive. “I am still in my thirties and I am sitting on top of the world”.

He refers to his new home as Mulholland House built in the style of Connecticut farmhouse and graciously offers a glimpse not only into his habitat but also his soul.

“I was a pirate in another life and believe dying is only dying on this earth..”

He elaborates how via way of Tahiti he was washed ashore at Warners and beat out Leslie Howard, Ronald Coleman, Frederic March and Clark Gable for the role of Captain Blood vacated by Robert Donat.

Marion Davies had been first choice to star opposite him, but William Randolph Hearst considered the part not prestigious enough for his protegé and consoled her with a ocean front beach house at Santa Monica instead.

Flynn meanwhile built his dream house on eleven and a half acres in the Hollywood hills with panoramic view of the ranch lands of the San Fernando Valley before it became sub urbanized.

“She went up fast, like the sails of a boat,” he remembered the costs escalating from $35.000 to $ 125000 after he made various additions like the circular stables copied from the Lipizzaner stables in  Vienna.

The den true to style mimicked a pirate`s lair with a zebra skin rug, a model galleon over the fireplace, a ship`s clock, a barometer and another ship`s model top the stairs with a brass tab on its glass case engraved with four lines of verse that pretty much summed up its owner`s philosophy:

“One ship sails east/the other west/by the same winds that blow/it`s the set of the sails and not the rules/that decide the way to go.”






— shangheinz


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  1. David DeWitt

    December 28, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    On two separate occasions I nearly made the drive up to the house before it was torn dow. Both times I ran out of time to go explore up there. A third chance never came until itbwas too late. Closest I got was the gate in 2009 with Tom & Jan McNulty. I did get to go aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach to look for Errol Flynn’s cabin during his trip to Spain to cover the Spanish Civil War. Even then the cabin I discovered on some older ship’s map was not the right one. It took more time to find it. But I finally did …

    • shangheinz

      December 29, 2021 at 7:26 am


      Glad you came through on the Queen Mum, David. Flynnmates are explorers by nature. Errol‘s pool is described with a black bottom in the article. Go figure.

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