The Impact of World War I on Australia

11 Nov

Remembrance Day, 2020

First and Foremost, Thank You and Great Praise to the Amazingly Valorous Veterans and Active Military of Austtralia, Who have Repeatedly and Very Bravely Risked Their Lives and Sacrificed So Much to Help to Save the World from Evil and Oppression Around the Globe….

How Might World War I have Impacted Errol’s Opinions of War?


~ “World War 1 had a profound impact on Australian society. Anzac Day, commemorating the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula on 25 April 1915, is Australia’s most important commemorative day. The Anzac legend, representing the Australian fighting man as a resourceful, resilient, even cheerful warrior, has become part of Australia’s folklore. It has been an accepted part of the culture for generations of Australians. More recently it has been questioned increasingly. That same Anzac landing really heralded Australia’s entry into the First World War, a war that took nearly 60,000 Australian lives. The tremendous cost of the War (Australia’s casualty rate, in proportion to the number of troops engaged, was higher than for any other country in the British Empire) left an indelible scar on the nation.”


Dawn Patrol 1938, with Australian-American Errol Flynn…

Errol regarding the sometimes destructive nature of man…

Gallipoli 1981, with American-Australian Mel Gibson…

The Water Diviner 2014, with that other Australian Robin Hood

— Tim


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