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Did Errol Do It?

22 Oct

October 20, 1937

Did Errol really shoot this bobcat?

Was he arrested for doing so, as rumor has it?

Or, was it really Howard Hill who did the shooting?

If it was Errol, was he really aiming for that other, far more dangerous cat, Tiger Lil?

— Gentleman Tim


Hollywood Greatly Stirred

22 Oct

Despite Thin Evidence, Not Since Fatty

— Gentleman Tim


Mail Bag! Bonny Cother Sends Errol Flynn Letter!

20 Oct

Nice letter from Errol Flynn to his bank Credit Suisse, Geneva …

Thanks so much, Bonny …

— David DeWitt


Viva La El Capitan Blood! Viva La El Capitan Blood!

19 Oct

October 19, 1957

Errol Arrested at the Ballyhoo Ball

Errol Being Questioned at the Lincoln Heights Jail

The Aspiring Irish Lassie/Errol Flynn Date

“The Hat Check Girl”/Policeman’s Wife/Errol Flynn Fan

Errol Flynn/The Usual Suspect

— Gentleman Tim


Dr. Blood Hotfoots it to the Hospital

19 Oct

October 18, 1935

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

Errol Flynn hotfoots it to the hospital as soon as he finishes Captain Blood…

Errol’s account in MWWW:

— Gentleman Tim


Errol and Deanna?

18 Oct

What film did Errol and Deanna Durben appear in together?

– They were in the same scene

– They were both well known stars at the time

– Deanna was circa this age:

– Errol was circa this age:

— Gentleman Tim


Parties at Sardi’s

18 Oct

October 16, 1935

Jerry Hoffman
(PH for Louella O. Parsons)
Los Angeles Times

Lili Damita and Errol Flynn getting special attention from Eddie Brandstatter at Sardi’s

Between 1932 and 1936, Sardi’s was the one of the most spectacular dinner clubs in Hollywood, ran by “Party King” Eddie Brandstatter, one of the most spectacular restaurateurs in Hollywood during the Roaring Twenties. His amazing history – including the fascinating history of restaurants in LA and Hollywood preceding Sardi’s – can be heard in the video below, with a detailed description of Sardi’s can be heard beginning at ~ 34:00.

Eddie Brandstatter; Party King of the Twenties

Preceding Sardi’s he owned the also-legendary Cafe Marmont, among a half dozen or so other high end restaurant nightclubs.

Here in all her splendor is the statue he infamously stole, which, before being convicted, he told the court he needed for a Warner Brothers party:

— Gentleman Tim


Fare Thee Well, Rhonda

17 Oct

Spellbindingly gorgeous Rhonda Fleming has died, at age 97, on October 14. Fare thee well, Rhonda

In 1952 on the Abbott & Costello Hour she sang “I’m in Love with a Wonderful Guy” about Errol:

A Video Summary of Her Spectacular Life & Career:

— Gentleman Tim


Compliments to the Scheffs

17 Oct

October 17, 1938

Evening Herald Express

Bette Davis was preening herself in front of a mirror one day on the set of The Sisters, currently showing at Warners Hollywood and Downtown theaters, when Errol Flynn asked her why she was gazing at herself with such approval.

“Well, I like that.” Bette pretended to be put out. “I’m admiring my hairdress—don’t you like it? You should.” Bette replied, “because I copied it exactly from the hairdress worn by Fritzi Scheff in a picture made of her when she was at the peak of her career.”

I sure hope Bette didn’t burst out singing Fritzi’s big hit “Kiss Me Again” to Flynn! Arno would have had to come to his rescue! (Song begins at 1:50)

— Gentleman Tim


Errol’s Femmes Carry On

16 Oct

— Pasadena Independent – October 16, 1959 —

— New York Daily News – October 16, 1959 —

— Gentleman Tim

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