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20 Jul

See the New Faces Below

July 20, 1935

The Snooper
LA Evening Herald Express

Not long after talking pictures had brought an influx of the world’s most famous actors to Hollywood, farsighted executives of the film industry began to speculate, “This is all very well, so long as we can raid the stage for talents, but where are we going to get the new faces? What will happen when the Broadway well runs dry?

Well several years have elapsed now since these gentlemen were heard muttering their dire forebodings, and subsequent developments have proved rather conclusively that Hollywood need have no fear about a dearth of fresh personalities to intrigue the admiration of moviegoers.

Seemingly, the well of new talent never runs dry.

Only the other day, audiences acclaimed a startling new personality, Louise Rainer, who flashed before them as William Powell’s leading woman in Escapade. She came from the continent.

Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland, who won two of the year’s sweetest acting plums –the romantic leads in the spectacular Captain Blood — were nonentities as far as Hollywood was concerned less than a year ago. Then Miss De Havilland, a seventeen-year-old high school girl from a small village in Northern California, won the big role of Hermia in Max Reinhardt’s Bowl production of “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream,” and a new screen star was born. Flynn, a handsome, athletic, adventurous Irishman made his debut in an English film, and instantly was spotted by Irving Asher, a Warner executive, and shipped to California under contract. Now he wins the biggest male role of the year, outside of Anthony Adverse, as a swashbuckling Captain Blood.

Last But Definitely Not Least!

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