Captain Blood Honeymoon — June, 1935

June 20, 1935

Yuma Nuptials
Los Angeles Examiner

To Judge Earl A. Freeman, the marrying judge of Yuma, Ariz., it was just another wedding yesterday when he married Lili Damita, vivacious French actress, and Errol Flynn, Irish actor.

But to the eloping, excited young couple it was the thrilling finale of a romantic trail started six months ago when they met and fell in love on a New York bound ocean liner.

June 21, 1935

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

Honeymooners Lily Damita and Errol Flynn showed up at the Trocadero only a few hours after their marriage in Yuma and got a royal reception from the stay-up-laters.

June 22, 1935

Louella O. Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

Lili Damita and Errol Flynn entertaining twelve of their intimates at a wedding dinner.

June 23, 1935

Flim Flam with Sidney Skolsky
Hollywood Citizen News

Lily Damita has told intimates that the reason she got married is that she wants a baby.

June 24, 1935

Reine Davies
Hollywood Parade

Lily Damita and Errol Flynn’s honeymoon house atop Lookout Mountain was the “location” for high revelry last Thursday night, when the entertained at a formal dinner, not only to celebrate their marriage the previous day, but Errol’s birthday as well.

The vivacious Lili had the attractive home bounding with valley lilies, white roses and gardenias, and the party was high-spotted when the butler, with befitting fanfare, brought on a huge wedding cake, followed by another for Errol.

Those who wished the Frenchy Lili and her Irish husband great happiness were Dolores Del Rio and Cedric Gibbons, the Countess de Maigret, Peggy Fears, George Cukor, Al Kaufman, Lloyd Pantages, Rene Hubert, and those hospitable romancers, Lyda Roberti and Bud Ernst.

To carry on the celebrating, Al Kaufman later took the entire party to the Miramar Hotel, where they greeted “Colonel” Gus Arnheim, and danced to his very danceable music.

June 25, 1935

Louella O. Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

Lili Damita and her bridegroom, Errol Flynn, who have been much entertained since their trip to Yuma, are being given a dinner by Dolores Del Rio Wednesday.

June 26, 1935

Louella O. Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

Keep your eye on Errol Flynn,the publicity he received when he married Lili Damita didn’t do him any harm and Warners are now getting ready to give him a break.

June 27, 1935

Hollywood Citizen News

Tests for Captain Blood will be no make-shift. So anxious is director Michael Curtiz to have everything right for the selection of the cast, that he has persuaded the studio to construct realistic sets for various scenes in the script from which tests can be made. One of the sets constructed for testing purposes only is a South Seas island locale. Robert Barratt is being tested for the important role of the French pirate. And Errol Flynn is again being given more elaborate tests for the title role.

June 28, 1935

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

Lili Damita’s new groom, Errol Flynn, is versatile to no end. In addition to acting for Warner pictures (he has a good chance for the lead in Captain Blood) the young Irishman is writing a book about his experiences in the interior of New Guinea.

And he’s an ace at tennis, too, which is Hollywood’s favorite game.

June 29, 1935

Warner Bros. Begin Intricate Tests for Captain Blood, Raphael Sabatini’s swashbuckling novel of adventure on the Spanish Main. The film will enter actual production a month hence as one of Warner Brothers most tremendous screen undertakings.

Scores of actors have passed before the all-seeing eye of the testing cameras.

Errol Flynn is receiving the most careful consideration for the romantic role of Captain Peter Blood.

June 30, 1935

Bridal Toasts Delay Dinner for Newlyweds

So hearty and sincere was the toasting to wish enduring happiness for the newkyweds, Lili Damita and Errol Flynn, that it was 10 o’clock before the party went into dinner last Wednesday night, when Dolores Del Rio and Cedric Gibbons entertained for the couple at a formal dinner party.

Lili wore a printed evening gown of corn yellow. And with her exquisite ruby ring as her only adornment, Dolores’ dark beauty was strikingly effective in a white crepe gown of Grecian lines.

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