Spain is in the House

18 Jun

José Luis García from Albacete, Spain, joins in the tribute of the 111th anniversary of the birth of Errol Flynn, providing the inside history and two sensational drawings below. Like Errol in ’37, he will be toasting with La Mancha wine, stating:

“El día 1 de abril de 1937, cuando visitó nuestra ciudad de Albacete Errol Flynn bebió vino de La Mancha junto a los brigadistas británicos de la XV durante la Guerra Civil española.”

“On April 1, 1937, when Errol Flynn visited our city of Albacete, he drank La Mancha wine together with the British brigade members of the 15th century during the Spanish Civil War.”

Flynntástico Jose! Muchas gracias y salud!

— Tim


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  1. Selene Hutchison-Zuffi

    June 18, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    Love it! I need to look up that British brigade..and la mancha as well.