Flynn Family Reunion — Happy 30th Errol

08 Jun

June 8, 1939

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

For the first time since Hollywood gave stardom and world-wide fame to Errol Flynn, the Irish actor and his family are to have a reunion.

It will take place here, revealed Flynn today, with the arrival of his mother and heis sister, Rosemary, in about two weeks. The star’s father, Theodore Thompson Flynn, who is the dean of science at Queen’s University in Belfast, also is expected on the coast after a brief stay in New York.

According to the actor, it is more than three years since he has seen his parents.

This family reunion coincided with Errol’s 30th Birthday on June 20, 1939.

Errol Greets His Dad

United with his sister Rosemary

On Catalina with His Mom and Dad

— Tim


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