30 Apr

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miner’s Advocate
New South Wales, Australia

Errol Flynn Sues Magazine

LOS ANGELES, April 27. A.A.P.

Errol Flynn, the actor, has lodged a claim for 300,000 dollars damages against the film magazine “Movie Stars Parade.”

His action followed publication in the magazine of an article entitled: “My First Screen Kiss by Errol Flynn.” Flynn’s statement of claim said he did not authorize or write the article, which was untrue and harmful to his professional standing.

The article described a scene in which Flynn and Olivia de Havilland acted. It quoted Flynn as saying of his first screen kiss: “I looked forward to that tender passage with the same placid approval a wolf lavished on a herd of spring lambs.”

Flynn also seeks an injunction against alleged unfair trade practices and invasion of privacy.

Very Similar Article in the Canberra Times, April 28

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